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Guadeloupe PYOC 2021 - RESULTS

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Guadeloupe, an archipelago within an archipelago, counts six inhabited islands, the main two of which, Basse Terre and Grande Terre, are divided by a narrow marshy isthmus, that on zooming in on a SOL chart, SOL cartographer Renegade discovered could not be navigated, so he set a race course challenging us to find an alternative way around. The prevailing winds being from the North East, the west-way round Basse Terre in theory was going to 'enjoy' some shelter, while east-way round Grand Terre would get more of the breeze. On the other hand, rounding Grande Terre was going to more likely require more windward work, than rounding Basse Terre would. A proper puzzle then!

So, who solved the puzzle best? Who else, but Sailonline veteran rumskib, who is on something of a renaissance in 2021. Toi toi, toi, Mensch!

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2021 Q1 Sailonline Race Committee Review

2021 Q1 SRC Review

Having begun the New Year, SOLers were looking forward to a new virtual season out on the water. With this quarter offering more open water racing than previously, as requested by our sailors, they were rewarded with fairly decent winds on the Ocean Races (Cape Town to Rio, Wellington to Lima. Lanzarote to Grenada and Sao Vicente to Colon) whilst the more coastal races encountered far lighter or more fickle winds (Shetland Winter (aka Up Helly Aa), Naples Triangle, Bora, Bangkok to Singapore and Singapore to Ko Tapu).

Fortunately, SRC had provided fast boats for these lighter wind races enabling some speed to be maintained but also permitting the more slippery competitors to escape the pack. SRC has to choose courses and boats up to three and a half months in advance of Wx forecasts, so please be tolerant.

Now moving on to the Quarterly Series winners continue here

Q1 Championship Results and Prizes

  • Ocean races
  • Sprint races
  • SYC races
  • TIMED races

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    Easter Coastal Race 2021 - RESULTS

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    GRATULACJE WRmirekd!!!

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    Since 2013, at least twice a year, Sailonline has been racing in association with Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club in the waters of Hong Kong and the China Sea. As #COVID19 pandemic restrictions remain in place for international racing , this fun course around the islands of Hong Kong was a last minute replacement for a China Sea offshore race.

    SOLer Go4iT recognised the course as one he had raced in the past, that was known as an “over-nighter” that would finish in time for an excellent breakfast at RHKYC clubhouse. For us, however, it was a brand new event that slalomed round several islands and marks requiring good concentration – more than a few racers, relying on delayed commands for mark-rounding, came seriously unstuck and had to retrace their steps, a couple more than once!

    The race saw an excellent participation of boats flying the flags of 27 nations and, as you can see from the timelapse, linked below, two of our final podium were always within the top 10 from the start, while the third moved up the fleet to consolidate a top spot. It is quite striking to observe the seeming ease with which these truly competitive racers then stayed the course to secure the podium! Nicely done, guys!

    Timelapse by calmxy

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    Singapore to Ko Tapu 2021 - RESULTS

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    CONGRATULAZIONI AL53_SSIta!! Συγχαρητήρια Zorba777!

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    December 2011 and Sailonline’s first Asian Sprint series, retracing the path of 007 in his hunt for Scaramanga, in the movie “The Man with the Golden Gun”was coming to a close with this fourth leg from Singapore to Scaramanga’s island lair. In 2011, race results blogs were super-brief affairs and the only remark made to the podium was “Well done for leading the SOL Fleet to Scaramanga's lair in conditions that weren't ideal - the final "squall" on the run to the finish was particularly unwelcome!” which suggests that all may not have gone to plan. A decade later and instead of squalls, which might have been welcome for their energy, the bulk of the Sailonline fleet encountered super-light and occasionally fickle winds – it was as if the wind gods went out of their way to reward the leading group, leaving everyone else to dawdle in a roughly correct direction as best they could! So they did!

    Our winner showed tremendous skill – arriving 6.1/2hrs before the second podium place taker, who was a mere 7m 3s ahead of the third! From then on, a steady stream of boats arrived over the next couple of days and then just a few until, at race close, it became clear that many more than usual wouldn’t reach the finish after 12 days on the virtual waters! Stats-wise, given the huge volume of ongoing racing, it was a good event, with 216 registered to race, flying the flags of 36 different nations.

    Congratulations podium and a particular thank you to our winner, SlideRule, (and his boat-sitter HastySlug) for not only a super win but a truly informative Race Report and to Zorba777 for excellent insights into how the course raced this time!

    Timelapse by calmxy

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    Next Race: 00d 00h 00m

    Current Races:

    Santa Monica Ron Miel Regatta 2021
    Welcome to Islas Canarias for the 2021 running of a classic SOL perennial: our 1220nm round-the-islands TP52 slalom, originally designed in 2012 by SOLer TheHorn, starting from and ending close to Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria. This is our 10 year jubileum edition, as it was done for the first time in 2011 (on a slightly different track in year 1).
    Race #1467
    INFO by brainaid.de
    WX Updates:
    0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
    Ranking: SYC
    Race starts: Apr 19th 18:00 Registration Open!

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    Jakob's Birthday BBQ Race 2021
    Sailonline had two founders and Jakob, the more senior of the two, has his birthday in April and it is therefore fitting that Sailonline's tradition of celebrating this joyous event by racing like loons around the Stockholm Archipelago is upheld. Please join us in a tricky 30nm race in beautiful Linjet33s from Revengegrundet Lighthouse to a birthday BBQ by Baggensfjärden.
    Grattis på födelsedagen Jakob!
    Lycka till, alla!!
    Race #1462
    INFO by brainaid.de
    Linjett 33 PARTICULARS
    WX Updates:
    0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
    Ranking: SYC
    Race starts: Apr 18th 14:00 Registration Open!

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    Valletta Sprint 2021
    Welcome once again to the Mediterranean and a true SOL perennial. At 588nm in often light Mediterranean airs, to-date no boat – multi or maxi, SOL or IRL – has managed to best the US's Rambler’s time of 47:55:03 for this course set during the 2007 Middle Sea Race. This year, we offer you our Orange 125 catamaran, so the record is on!
    Race #1458
    INFO by brainaid.de
    Orange 125 PARTICULARS
    WX Updates:
    0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
    Ranking: SYC
    RACE CLOSE: Monday,
    April 19 at 2300 UTC.
    Race starts: Apr 11th 16:00 Registration Closed

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    Lima to Honolulu 2021
    Welcome to Race 2 in our PAC6 Pacific Ocean racing championship, this a 3780nm leg from Lima to Honolulu in our fast Maxi Trimaran. Hopefully the trade winds will play ball and we should have a speedy trip, with only a small chance of the doldrums testing your light air skills!
    Race #1461
    INFOby brainaid.de
    Maxi Trimaran PARTICULARS
    WX Updates:
    0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
    Race starts: Apr 06th 21:00 Registration Closed

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    Cape Horn TIMED Run 2021
    Welcome to Chile, welcome to Cape Horn, and welcome to a course round these inhospitable waters. This is a place with plenty of wind and strong currents. Our 161 nm triangular TIMED RUN goes around two groups of small islands that are an important nesting site for a number of southern seabirds. Last raced in 2018, we are back here in our updated IMOCA 60s to attempt the challenge once more in these wild waters!
    RE-REGISTER HERE to race again after finishing a run
    Race #1463
    INFO by brainaid.de
    WX Updates:
    0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
    RACE CLOSE: Sunday,
    18 April at 23:00 UTC
    Race starts: Apr 05th 12:00 Registration Open!

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