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ORCV Melbourne to Devonport 'Rudder Cup' 2022

Sailonline is delighted to announce that it will be partnering with Ocean Racing Club of Victoria, for the running of the Melbourne to Devonport “Rudder Cup” Race 2022 which starts in Melbourne, Australia, on Sunday, October 28, at 16:00AEDT (05:00UTC).

The Rudder Cup is Australia's oldest ocean race and the 5th oldest organised ocean yacht race in the world, pre-dating the Fastnet by nearly 20 years and the Sydney Hobart by nearly 40 years.

It was in 1907 when Thomas Fleming Day, editor of the American magazine "Rudder," first wrote to his friend, the Commodore of the Geelong Yacht Club, T. A. Dickson, suggesting a race across Bass Strait to Tasmania in order to promote the sport of yachting. Day struck a trophy worth 60 guineas, a fortune at the time, as a prize for the winner. It is a tribute to all sailors that 113 years later, yachts are still racing the 195nm across Bass Strait for the honour of winning the Rudder Cup.

The Sailonline virtual race will open for practice on 21 October at 05:00UTC, to enable everyone to learn the ropes in time to be competitive.

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Carib Rum Run 2022 - RESULTS

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GRATULACJE WRmirekd (Davy Scoundrel Dunkin)!!!

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Carib Rum Run was dreamed up in 2010 as a way for racers to have some fun while racing as keenly as ever and has been raced close to/over International Talk Like a Pirate Day ever since! It is also used as a way to promote membership of the Sailonline Yacht Club (SYC) by encouraging members to join SYC and change their name, for this race only, to a piratical one! Sailonline is entirely free to its racers and is run by volunteers, so the only source of income to keep its servers and website “afloat” is by these memberships.

This year 110 crews took part in the race, including 16 under the pirate flag. The hardships of shipping increased by the greed of consuming rum taken on board from Caribbean distilleries meant that only 74 crews delivered their heavily tarnished cargo to Cancun. The rest chose great fun and BBQ on numerous islands.The race itself was a good one, with winds giving the fleet some reasonable challenges and a few tricky decisions.

Our podium three are to be congratulated as they led the top racers to the finish - scurvy lily-livered rum-soaked swash-buckling miscreants one and all!

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Qingdao Inport TIMED Race 2022 - RESULTS

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Sailonline expresses their sincere condolences to the Qingdaonese as Typhoon Muifa quite literally struck the city of Qingdao. From a Timed Race perspective however, the winning run was almost certainly going to be set by using the winds and wind shift of Muifa. Apart from Muifa and 18 September PM UTC, the winds were light and variable during the 2 week window.
A total of 173 completed attempts of this course were made by 80 skippers in the allotted 2 weeks; a summary of attempts is provided here. As Typhoon Muifa approached Qingdao, it was necessary to pay attention to its movement, as each Wx showed a significantly different typhoon path and hence optimal run to make. With rapidly changing conditions, all the eventual top 10 runs started in a 30 minute window centered on 15 September, 11.30am UTC and much depended on how well the roundings were made. But it was Pit8008 who not only perfected those roundings, but even slightly tweaked their path between wp1 and wp2 to gain those precious few seconds over the other podium sitters calmxy and Kipper1258. Congrats!

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Silverrudder 2022 - RESULTS

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A cold and blustery morning greeted the more than 400 real-life single-handed competitors as they wandered down to the dock in Svendorg, still groggy from the revelry of the night before, and get ready to motor out to the start area, to then surrender themselves to the weather gods, hoping that said gods would kindly help them to get round Funen in maybe a day (or two) and perhaps even to win something! Online, the dawn broke more pleasantly for the 90-odd SOLers, sitting lap-topped in their armchairs or more earnestly behind their workstations.

Nevertheless, online, as much as IRL, as always, this year’s Silverrudder of the Sea tested competitors smarts and stamina to the limit, and it was close! But after 21:04:34 hours exactly it was the USA’s Pit8008 who brought his virtual First 27 home first for a fine victory!

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Current Races:

Round Britain and Ireland 2022
We invite you to participate in the 1780 nm race according to the clockwise movement around Ireland, Scotland, Shetland Islands and England. We will have four waters: the North Atlantic Ocean, the Celtic Sea, the North Sea, La Manche Channel. Each of them has its own specific navigation conditions but we will not exchange them here. Watch out for cyclones forming in the vicinity of Iceland and wandering in the south - east. The wind speed at this time of year can reach up to 40 kts and even more. Let's hope that sailing experience and our Sunfast3600 will safely lead us to the finish line.
Race #1625
INFO by brainaid.de
WX Updates:
0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
Ranking: SYC
Race starts: Oct 01st 18:00 Registration Open!

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Tour Down Under 2022
It will be 694nm of killing racing on an amazing route created by SOL'er AGage. In the chat of the first edition of this race, Tyger wrote "Only an Aussie (and a crazy one) with intimate knowledge of these waters could have come up with such a racecourse". Well maybe AGage was a bit crazy, but he was also a genius when he made it, inspired by the great cycling race "Tour Down Under". Instead of bikes we will use fast 60ft Trimarans. So rest well and prepare large amounts of coffee. You will have at least two days without sleep. 😊
Race #1595
INFO by brainaid.de
60ft Trimaran PARTICULARS
WX Updates:
0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
RACE CLOSE: Monday, 3 October at 23:00 UTC
Race starts: Sep 25th 02:00 Registration Open!

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