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Both the Mini Transat and the TJV are coming up in the fall. We need to do at least one if not both.

In the meantime!

Something in the the Pacific?

A bit like the 50/50 around Cape Horn... Race to start on the North American W coast, finish on the International Date Line (or SOL's "pure" 180E/W version).

I propose Vancouver CAN to a finish at same latitude 3000nm long, to be named "There'll be sun"

If we like it next we can go the other way - "SOL was such an easy game to play"


I like the idea of straight line races... hehe thank you!

We also need, perhaps, to give some thought to the next rtw race ...

From a quick canter round the internet, it seems that VR/MP have got the Jacques Vabre Transat sewn up but there is no mention of a virtual partner for the October mini-transat so we would be free to use the course (if not, perhaps, the official name!).


edited to remove brand reference ... thanks 76T!

--- Last Edited by RainbowChaser at 2013-08-24 18:11:57 ---
The next VOR doesn't start until Oct 2014. Class 40 GOR in Sept 2014. BWR (Imoca) Dec 2014.
76T - I think I shall get this one set up ... we have a nice gap opening up for something oceanic... perhaps starting next Sunday or so?

What do you think?

I had also give some thought to the reverss of the Gray Whale race.. the migration usually begins around Oct/Nov I think.
Its set up! and now closed as it was not correct

Viewable from the sol boat, just login:


and then just click here

Please let me know if we need to tweak the boundaries of either the race and/or the weather and of course if the start should be further inland!


--- Last Edited by RainbowChaser at 2013-08-24 19:00:07 ---

RC - for the race in the Pacific I think maybe you misread my poorly worded proposal. The idea is to race to the IDL - finishing *anywhere* along it. The finish line is the same Latitude as the start so that it aligns N/S, but loooooong - extending to/beyond the course limits. The winner is the first one to make it to "tomorrow". I've been rethinking the start and I'm not sure that starting inshore adds any value - maybe it would be better to start a bit further S along the coast - Cape Disappointment on the Washington/Oregon border 124.1W 46.25N.

The race area needs to extend from 10N to 65N. I don't *think* there should be any problem with putting the line right at 180, but 179.99W might be safer if we can't test first.

I am not sure about a super-long finish line... we have had fairly wide ones in the past but not one 3000nm long.

I will wait for hmm and others to confirm that it is technically acceptable to set it up like that!


The race I set up is now closed and archived as it wasn't needed after all.

--- Last Edited by RainbowChaser at 2013-08-24 18:53:54 ---

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