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Hoi Kroppyer. The idea behind the high wind speed performance curves is that you should not be out in those winds in your AC72 at all at all. But if you are, then above 40 knots everything stops. Crash, boom, wallop, carbon fibre round your ears. The curves were made using relatively few data points. Below 26 knots they were the ones Joao found the jury used to determine penalties. Above 28 knots they were simply ones I made up to model a dramatic decrease in performance. The interpolation algorithm filled in all the intermediate points, and, indeed, I may have noticed that at high speed some of these went slightly negative when the algorithm tried to model fair curves. On Sunday I thought about fiddling the numbers further, but then said to myself 'so what; the main thing is that at high wind speed you spin out like Lewis Hamilton'.
PS I kind-a-knew the performance loss rule wasn't something to be altered on a whim, but Joao had done some honest research and he is right to feel strongly about its inadequacies for VHP machines. So we left his thoughts intact.
oops i see i was logged on as sol last night.
Clipping along
Viva Kroppy.

Thank again for your comments, always so pertinent.

In theory (and practice) the BS you read from a boat Polar Data has to be equal or bigger than the value zero. So, there’s no sense in having a BS slower than zero knots.

Yesterday, Jan gave here a detailed explanation for having those odd values (the negative ones) on the AC72 SOL boat Polar Data we prepared.
We should consider those negative values for the BS as plain zero.

Being a non-exclusivity for this particular boat, one of the things this AC72 SOL boat will corroborate (again), is the inadequacy of the actual SOL Performance Loss function.
In this case, it just stretches it.

One can argue that, if it’s working, even it’s wrong, it shouldn’t be fixed.
I would say: it’s working, it’s wrong and, can/should be improved.
Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here.

My idea for this debate is very clear and simple, almost in tune with yours, Kroppy.
Boat mass, boat speed and turning rate should enter the equation for finding a new SOL Performance Loss function that fit’s closer to sailing reality.

I was working on it.
Sail Fair.
AC72 polar in some standardized format. Some programs should be able to open this. Hopefully this makes it a bit easier to convert it into something the sol-server understands.
Impressive guys, can't wait to get to sail this beast!
My opinions may have changed, but not the fact that I'm right.
Hurray! hmm put the new polar on the server!

polar as in client

AC72 vs Orange 125ft Cat

--- Last Edited by kroppyer at 2014-08-23 09:21:30 ---
Viva Huib.

Just a small note on your AC72 Polar data txt file. Please have a look on the columns for TWS above 42 kts.

Big Hug from here.
Sail Fair.
There are no columns for TWS above 42 kts. I believe SOL server extrapolates so that the boatspeed for TWS outside the range remains constant. In this case, boatspeed will remain 0kts above 42kts.

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