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"I'm in NZL and it works just fine for me"

I'm not with Spark, had no issues connecting on my computer, app sometimes takes a while but does load. Only use app on tablet at work and it is wifi only and connection at work is slow anyway, but is thru Spark.
Thanks for the information.
Still, I can only guess. It might have something to do with Spark, or it could just be coincidence.

Maybe you can do this (not loading race 746, but the one with which you have the problem) and send the file to our admin@ address. It will show us what happens with the communication between your browser and the network/internet. There are other ways to get similar information.

Something that might be easier is: log in at beta.sailonline.org, and go to/register in a race, and see if you have the same problem over there. I have no idea what to expect, and I have no idea what conclusions can be draw when it works, or does not work... but who knows it might help us later...

NZL_swift - could you post the exact URLs that give a 404 (when you click "Race Leaderboard", "Boat Polar" or Google Earth Feed" in the info-tab)?
The rest: does the same thing happen to you ("Race Leaderboard", "Boat Polar" or Google Earth Feed" result in a 404, the rest works)?

I wish I could be of more help.. :(

--- Last Edited by kroppyer at 2014-11-23 11:05:16 ---
I have been having the same issue since the middle of Leg1.

I tried everything from different computers, IE & Chrome, downloading latest Flash etc.

So, I have just now tried connecting thru my phones Hotspot vs. connecting with Spark and have been successful !!
No 404's for me going to any of those links
Ok so everything loads up as normal on the Beta site.
Just opened on the normal page and It loaded fine and all is working again. Go figure.I have emailed my har file aswell.
So... after you loaded a race on the beta, it worked again?
Could someone who is still having this problem check that (by trying to load a race as usual (should fail), load a race on the beta (should succeed), then load the race that failed again and it should no longer fail)
Been away for a couple of days, everything is working using http://www.sailonline.org/windy/run/770/

Yes I think I loaded it on beta first then on the normal one. Also flash played kept asking for me to allow flash storage probably more than half a dozen times after clearing the cache cookies etc. Hasin't asked again since everything started to work again.
I just started experiencing this issue running through Internet Explorer 9 and a wired internet (100Mb) connection in the UK. Tried the Beta site and it looked to be ok but could not load the latest SWR2014-2 race from there to know if it was race specific..
I have now accessed the race and my boat using Chrome as the browser so not a big issue per se but thought I'd add the information to the thread in case it helps anyone...

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