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Board » Technical Discussion » How to handle wheatherdata differences ?

In my current position in the Timed transat
LAT 49°14.3747'LON W 022°55.8096'
DATE 2015-09-29 TIME 02:30:08
the wind information in the client
differs from the wind information in the gribviewer, which uses the file from
brainaids site:

client TWD 122.34° TWS 2.82KT
gribview TWD 120 TWS 5.3KT

Meanwhile I have read that there are differences. The effect is that my routing software sends me in the wrong direction.
How do other SOL users handle this situation ?

--- Last Edited by Armchairsailor at 2015-09-29 08:17:01 ---
The difference is there because sol uses a different interpolation method than your router/grib viewer does. Some routers/viewers offer multiple interpolation methods. If your viewer/router has that option, you can experiment with the different methods, see which one is closer.

In general, this problem occurs most often in large wind shifts (spacial, or over time). So usually it's in the light winds ("blue goo") that the router is off. I believe most people cope with that by hand steering as much as possible in the blue goo, and even better: avoiding the blue goo.

You could consider it as part of realism: winds are not always as they are in your router, especially not in light, shifty conditions.

If you're really bothered by this, you could try different routers/viewers to see which matches sol the closest, and you could write your own/adapt an existing one.
Tnks kroppyer for your reaction.
It is as you say. This resembles reality.
I was attrackted by the high wind speeds of the depression, but development of it changed, as usual. I had no chance at all to avoid the blue gue afterwards.
I am having thoughts to write my own router. But that won't change reality.
...you could write your own/adapt an existing one.
Kroppyer, where can we source the SOL server interpolation code to see how it works / replicate it in other tools? It does not seem to be posted anywhere (at least Google can't find it)

Server code is not published, all we (solers) can do is measuring and fitting. I've done this in the past, didn't get perfect results but to me it's close enough for now.

In this thread I explain my findings, and I link to a post from Jakob (who, together with kalle, wrote most of the server-side code) explaining some more about the interpolation.

EDIT: fixed link (you should'be said it didn't work! :)

--- Last Edited by kroppyer at 2015-10-20 14:23:32 ---
Interpolation in space is simple bilinear. In time is a 'shape function', apparently 3*t^2-2*t^3. So you get

For the polar use the 'detailed csv', where TWS interpolation is again linear. Not sure about TWA, but it's 1 degree resolution, *shrug*.
For interpolation on the polar, I used the same method in SPINNACER as AGage used in his SOL Polar Explorer. See class AGage.PolarExplorer.Interp here.

AGage comments (in the code) "Interpolate as on sailonline.org", so I guess he did exactly the same as sol does.

I'm not sure if this code performs linear interpolation, but I wouldn't know what else. I'm pretty sure it's at least close to linear interpolation. Also "linear" looses meaning when you use polar coords... but now we're talking minor differences. Like outlaw says: *shrug*

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