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That last post was from me.Logged in as the wrong boat.
Viva Andrew,

Good morning.

Neither qT and ZyGrib renders Pressure values / graphics for the published Grib.

Sail Fair.
Thanks Joao, I did notice that Zygrib does not recognise PRMSL either. It should be a very simple fix to recognise variable 002 (PRMSL, Pressure reduced to MSL ) in addition to 001 (PRES Pressure) and render it in the exact same way as 001.
Yesterday my qtVlm failed to show intermediate point details as it optimised a route and failed to show the name of a mark I had inserted. I reinstalled 5.4-5 but with no success.
Does anybody else have the same symptoms and/or has qtVlm got a solution?
I guess that by mistake you pressed the "P" key or something
Have a look in Display Menu ;)
Just discovered a couple of issues with AIS.
1. When a collision warning is active, CPU usage goes up to 100%. Turn AIS off, and it drops back to normal.
2. Stopping and starting AIS with the toolbar Icon stops the GPS feed, but does not restart it. You have to click on the GPS to get the feed (with or without AIS) going again.
Viva Andrew,

Good morning.

After the last qT update (v. 5.4-5) I found out precisely the same AIS and GPS issues you report.

And I have a new one to sum up.
The GPS Status doesn’t show up - pls see attached pic.

João / psail
Sail Fair.
Viva Philippe and all.

I can open normally the kap file “IO01.kap”.
I just can’t open the kap file “SP01.kap”.

Both files are attached.

What’s the issue, Philippe?

Thank you

João / psail
Sail Fair.
This chart does not display either in other software like ocpn so I guess it's just plain wrong.

Concerning AIS issues I just fixed them, that will be in the next release, next year.

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Can I change the subject?
Why is Qt using a VMG which is generally about 1deg ,or more, "tighter" than "SOL Inspector", seems to have a negative effect over a few hours
Thanks Sebensa

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