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I've managed to turn good the GPS status window.
Problema solved.

Now I've to find out what was happening here.


Can you explain what you did because I have the same "bug" in GPS window with qtVlm version 5.4-7 and SOL races.

--- Dernière modification par jf44 le 2017-02-15 18:21:03 ---
Dans le tourbillon du Web
I cannot fix this unless you send me a log of what qtVlm receives (nmea, show raw data, copy/paste in a text file after let's say 10mn).

On a side note I dont really see the point of this information for a virtual game, apart from being pleasant to contemplate ;)

--- Dernière modification par maitai le 2017-02-16 06:08:20 ---
Really like the new Pathways functionality. A few enhancements requests.
1. When loading a route and marks via a gpx file, can the mark sequence number be incremented by a factor of 10 or 100. Right now, the marks come in with seq nos of 1,2,3 etc. Using 10, 20, 30 or 100, 200, 300 ,etc would make it far simpler to insert additional marks into the route.
2. When creating a routing, and the route that was converted to Pathway has a Fixed Date checked, carry that value across into the routing start time.
3. Same with the routing start value - if from boat or from first mark is checked, carry that value across.
4. Enable "New mark" in Routes right click menu for Pathways in the same way it works for Routes. Will save having to create a mark, set the sequence number, change the name and add to the route.

Good points thanks, I took good notes.

The 4) is a bit tricky for internal reasons, not sure it will go live soon.
FYI a beta version is available at La Taverne which includes the requested changes and some other stuff mostly irrelevant to SOL (concerning currents and such). Would be great if you could validate it before final release.

Viva Philippe and all.

New bug on qT version 5.4.9-beta4.

After some days the Grib values disappear from the Plot Chart - pls see attached files.

A Big Hug
Hi João
I would bet that you have let's say wind data and something else, let's say currents, and that your wind's data maximum date is less than "now". And since qtVlm can still display something (currents) but there is no more wind data as of now...
Note that in 5.4.9, when NMEA reception is activated, qtVlm automatically set the grib's date to "now" every minute or so (if it has not been set in the future by the user).
Viva Philippe,

Thank you for your reply.
If you had put a bet probably you had take it, ehehe.

What happened?

Some days ago I was making some routing using two different but geographically complementing Grib files (with a small overlap in Latitude, hence the superimposed numbers in the chart plotter pics).

In Slot 1 I’ve put the Grib file that I attached in the previous com.
In Slot 2 I’ve uploaded the second Grib file that I didn’t close for making the following routings.

The mystery is solved and it’s not a qT bug - good!

A Big Hug
Sail Fair.
I've attached two files, a Version 1 which contains only UGRD and VGRD and a Version 2 which has PRMSL added. V1 works fine all the time. V2 works fine if there are no routes. As soon as a route is created, it starts to crash. Routing works fine, but when the routing is turned into a route, it crashes immediately.

--- Last Edited by Kipper1258 at 2017-03-23 02:09:18 ---
Looks like only the V2 grib was uploaded. Here's the V1

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