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I finally understand: "best performance" and "best accuracy" refer to calculation accuracy of the route, not to speed performance of the boat ...
Carlo Alberto
Sorry, I still don't understand the difference between "performance" and "accuracy".
Thanks for any assistance.
Hi Zoe,
I realized that with "best performance" the software calculates the route in a faster way, but less precise, with "best accuracy" calculates your route more slowly but the result is more accurate.
Carlo Alberto
Hi Scarabocchio,

Yes, I get that, but the difference in calculation time between the two is measured in seconds!. In my computer, using "Best accuracy" usually means extra seconds, (less than 1 minute), or so of "waiting", even on long legs routings.

To me, I don't see the reason in using "Best performance" ever.

on my Mac, best performance calculated in seconds and optimizes in a minute, calculates best accuracy in a few minutes and optimizes it for a long time (depends on how many hours do you calculate the forecast).
(I use "best accuracy" only when I want to sleep well ...)

I must have a fast computer them. I haven't seen any (routing) calculation that takes more than a minute.
I am running on a Dell Inspiron Laptop with Intel i7 at 2.30GHz and 16 GB of RAM. Windows 10. (One year old.)

Yes, sleep at night is important.
To me that is the appeal of using Qt, so I can sleep 8 hours at night. I always skip one weather update, usually the one at 2 AM, and that is fine with me. :)

Mine is a MacBookPro Retina 15" - 2,2 GHz Intel Core i7 - 16 GB RAM.
The computation time I said is related to the "automatic settings", if you change parameters the time is greatly reduced.
Best Accuracy uses more resources (memory and CPU) and takes more time. On a decent PC that should not be a problem and that should be your preferred setting.
But remember that qtVlm also runs on Android and iOS, so when running on a small phone it might be needed to reduce accuracy in order to save time (and battery). Some trials are needed in order to find the correct setting depending on your device and needs.

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