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Fine, but how do I get these working waypoints into QTVLM?
Very simple..... Open QTVLM, click on "Marks" and import the gpx file that works.

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In the last 12 months I've changed to a couple of smaller but new computers. I've noticed, through the last few updates, that I have a small problem with QtVlm when I have it running continuously for some time. The drop-down tabs for Grib, Routings and Routes no longer will display the drop-down menu though they still light up 'purple' when moused over. All the other tabs continue to drop-down and display their menus. All other functions in QtVlm also continue. However, I can't of course, delete the old grib nor load a new one, nor create a routing, etc. So I have to start QtVlm to clear the problem. Is there some storage being used up or any other ideas what the problem might be. It's been consistent nor for the last six months or so of updates, so it's not a specific update issue. Also, the same thing happens on both computers, and one at least has quite good specs. Thanks for the help.

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You are not the only one with this problem Dingo.
Hope maitai will read this shortly.
As an experiment, I have gone to grib drawing configuration, and lowered the density of the arrows and increased their size. I'll see if it makes any difference. I don't have trails turned on either, by the way.
Viva John, Finn, Philippe and all,

Good morning.

I’ve noticed the same problems here: seems that after heavy calcs, qT freezes the menu toolbar and other “areas”, namely related with mouse right-click functions.

I add another problema: the GRIB animation files recording doesn’t work anymore.

Big Hug to all.

Sail Fair.
As I said earlier.
I hope maitai resds this sonn.
I have written to hin in La Taverne (the qtvlm forum) to pay his attention to this.
So far, my grib reduction strategy has stopped the freezing.....

Thx Bimmer to point me back here.

Maitai is taking some day of, this explains some delay in answering you.

These type of problem are hard to solve as it is probably some small leak of memory.

To help us narrow the issue, can you please specify:
- computer type & OS
- does this affect the overall performence of the computer or just qtVlm ?
- do you have things running in qtVlm like AIS, other NMEA, alarms ?
Thanks Oxygen. For me, two Lenovo desktops, and one Toshiba laptop, and all exhibit the same QtVlm problem I describe in my post above. All are running Windows 10 64 bit, and a check on all computers when QT problem is happening shows there is still spare computer memory.

I am running nmea, but I recently have reduced the detail of my grib display (see my post above), which so far has helped I think.

Please note that this issue began perhaps 2 months ago at the most, and before that with previous issues of QtVlm I did not have this problem. When the problem started, it began on all three computers at the same time.

See also my post above, when problem occurs, it only affects the grib, routing and routes tab. Other functions of QT continue as normal. The performance of the rest of the computer is not affected.


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Its started happening with me as well just with the last version. The Grib and Boat menus are no longer active. The highlight as you run the mouse over them, but clicking does nothing. All the right click menus stop working as well.

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