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Board » Sailonline Race Committee » Rules and Decisions » WF didn’t come… on time.

Dear SRC,

Good morning.

Probably this issue has already been talked / settled in SOL: the WF that didn’t came in a reasonable period of time (15 - 30 minutes).
If so, I just missed it and I can only ask for apologies for taking your time.

That situation happened in the recent 40 Series races for the first 16:30 hrs UTC WF race release.
At least, at 17:00 hrs UTC, the WF was still missing, if I recall it right.

I’ve made several routings in preparation for the race and during it.
All the routed paths (5 days in a row) were consistently sailing the Class40 boat near land for the first night, more precisely between Capo Mannu and Capo Caccia.
But the right call was to sail outside that area till the next morning (here in EU).

Pls, mind you that:

1 - I’m not blaming SOL for anything related with late WF releases (our friend Jan, with the usual sense of humor and momentum, commented it in the race chat).

2 - I’m not taking any merit from the other boats, behind or after my race position.

What I would like to know from you.
Is there any established rule for handling these situations - late WF releases?

If there isn’t one.
Is it possible, once for all, to establish a rule concerning WF’s late releases?

As an example: If after 30 (?), 40 (?) minutes the WF isn’t released the race continues with the current WF till the next one is known and released (would be the 22:30 hrs UTC in the 40 Series case).

The important thing to SOLers is to know that after a FIXED period of time, if the next WF isn’t released, the race continues till the next release hour with the last one known.
At the same time a warning NOR is emitted.

Thank you.

Sail Fair.

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