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Board » Technical Support » 20170402 AutoGribLoader "unable to create connection on port 5010"

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Hi, everyone!

During the last few days, I have had problems with Kipper's AutoGribLoader (AGL). It has been unable to create the TCP connection to communicate with QtVLM or Expedition.

As a result of this issue, I have had to use Brainaid's proxy. This is fine if you are taking part in just one race, but it becomes a problem if there are multiple races to manage, as it will be the case now (M2O Prelude + A3 Leg 8 + RTWR Leg 4).

My computer runs WIn 10, and I had never had such difficulties with the AGL until now.
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You need to have a separate port number for each instance of Qt. What I do is the following. Race 1 uses port 5011, race 2 5012, etc. Set the port number in each instance of AGL accordingly, and then do the same for each instance of Qt. I have four copies of qt in four separate folders C:\qt\qt1, C:\qt\qt2, etc. I have four race folders C:\SOL\Race_1, C:\SOL\Race_2, etc and Race_1 has the same port as qt1, etc. It all works fine with no port number conflicts. AGL only allows one connection per port number.
I have always had different port numbers for each race, and I had never had a problem...

My observations suggest that the problem is not on QtVLM, for it can work using brainaid's software. It is the AGL, irrespective of the version, which has been unable to create the connection, and I haven't been able to figure out why...

I am sending a sample of the feedback AGL gives to me.

Thanks in advance!

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Issue finally fixed.
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What resolved your problem?
I have the same problem. For now, I'm sailing SOTP but learning how more tools work. I had AGL_2_5_7p2 working thru brainaid's NMEAproxy. Then I upgraded to AGL_4_0_2 and installed Java-64-bit and now AGL reports "unable to create connection on port 5010".
I switched back to AGL_2_5_7, but now it can't connect.
I deleted AGL_4_0_2, uninstalled Java-64, but It still can't connect!
With the port issue, only ONE program can use a port number at a time. So you can use BrainAid OR AGL on a port ( say 5010) at the same time, not both. Whichever program starts first gets the port and locks it out to very one else. That is what you are seeing.

The AIS feed in AGL does exactly what BrainAid does. If you really want to run BrainAid, turn off the NMEA sever in AGL.

Also, ports do lock up from time to time in Windows and a computer restart is required as a last resort. But before that, make sure that each program that uses a port has a unique port number.
Kipper, I was really off. I thought AGL needed to get AIS data FROM brainaid's NMEA proxy! All I needed to do was start AGL alone and it gets the AIS data from SOL via HTTP calls.
So, I only need the brainaid NMEA proxy if I want to use AGL on port 5010 and qvTlm on the NMEA proxy port 5011, at the same time!
I should have asked sooner :)
Thank you.
acrux, Think of port numbers as phone numbers you dial. Whoever has that number will answer when you dial them. The port number in qt is the number that qt will "dial" to get a connection.So if you have a port number of 5010 in BrainAid and 5011 in AGL, and you set the qt port number to 5010, qt will "dial" BrainAid. If you set the qt port number in qt to 5011, it will "dial" AGL. If they both have the same port number, whoever is "dialled" first will answer, and the line will be locked out to all other programs wanting to answer calls to that number. That's what AGL is telling you when it say "port in use".

You don't need to use BrainAid proxy at all. But, if for some reason, you do decide to use BrainAid, make sure they are talking on different port numbers.

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