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The mythical journey of Odysseus, who took 30 years to return back home after the Troyan war. I have taken inspiration from the maps on this site to get a nice 2850 NM race: http://www.classics.upenn.edu/myth/php/homer/index.php?page=odymap
I strongly support Zorba's idea! I mentioned it in the chat a week or so ago, and have briefly discussed it with RC.
But it was 'only' 20 years Ulysses was away. I think it could be a good idea to make it into a series of races, 3 or 4 maybe. And following the (first) map in Zorba's link.
Read the book! Preferably on hexameter, even if it's hard in the beginning.
Since we're not rowing, I think we should choose modern and quite fast boats, lest we should spend 20 years at a virtual sea.
Thanks Musigny. Doing it in several parts is always possible. The article I mentioned posts a 2nd (older) map a bit further down the page and I have gone a bit more with that one. Also because I tried to avoid crossing paths, as is in the race proposal instructions. But in some recent races I have seen that crossing paths are not objected to anymore, so we could purely use the first map in that case. I agree to use a fast boat, so that we can beat Odysseus' time LOL.
Another useful map that somebody reconstructed is here

--- Last Edited by Zorba777 at 2020-09-18 07:53:18 ---
Hi Zorba,
Attaching a few things to help make the KMZ ready for Ops to translate into race legs.

You may have already seen these, but in reviewing the early KMZ's set the path line to 3.0, and add the GPS coordinates from the SOL map. Likely we'll use a high res tile set.
So open a race with that tile set to get the GPS and you will be confident Ops will have the correct coordinates for the Marks on the SOL map. They prefer the +/- DD.ddddd coordinate format.

I can help finalize the KMZ's when ready.

David / Renegade
Hi Zorba,
Attaching 4 touched up KMZ's.
Hopefully with all the GPS coords in place now and some tweaks to line up finish/start positions.

David / Renegade
This is an odd forum post. Can't seem to select the edit button which is pushed over text on the right pane.

So, adding the updated leg 3 KMZ here.

David / Renegade

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