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Board » In memoriam » 2021 Lake Winnebago - Bgosh Memorial

Post annotated by RainbowChaser :
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Please join us on February 13th for what has become an annual SOL tradition - the race on Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin USA. I can't recall how many years it has been held by Sailonline but it's been a remarkable run. SOL racers are joined by members of the Neenah Nodaway Yacht Club (NNYC), which races out of two harbors in the Northeast corner of the lake. A number of boat polars have been used, but several years ago members shared live webcams of active iceboat racing taking place on the lake. Thus, the DN iceboat polar was developed and has been used to conduct the race. NNYC members will be online during 2021 race to share stories, history and links to webcams and other resources about the lake and its long sailing history.

This year's Lake Winnebago race will be held in memory of Rob Hessenius or Bgosh as those of in the Sailonline community knew him. Rob's intelligence, humor and wit came across in the chat box during many early Sailonline races. Rob was a Lake Winnebago sailor out of Oshkosh who I met during what I recall to be the first edition of this race, which he had coordinated. We became sailing friends and crew on each other's boats, and I visited him often at his pub, Eureka Landings. Though running his pub limited his chances to race in recent years, Rob had developed lasting friendships with mny SOL races. Rob unexpectedly passed away this past August. He will be missed by the community, and I am sure memories of Bgosh will be shared during the race. I have attached a photo of Rob taken at Eureka Landings.

Please join us on February 13th.

Derek Walker, nee "zowee", aka "NNYC Scooter"

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Dear Derek/zowee/NNYC_Scooter - thank you so much for writing this note. It was very sad to hear of Bgosh's death.

From my first "meeting" him in race chat with an "Oshkosh b'gosh" question - little realising he was in the vicinity IRL, to him opening the Eureka Landings Bar n' Grill and having that year's Lake Winnebago Race showing on a large screen in the bar, he was a larger than life character and I am sure will be sadly missed by his community.

Thank you for letting us know and, absolutely, we'll be remembering him during this year's iceboat race around Lake Winnebago.

--- Last Edited by RainbowChaser at 2021-01-31 14:07:48 ---
So sorry to hear of Bgosh's passing. Condolences to his family and friends.
Such lovely names in that part of the world, Neenah Nodaway, Oshkosh, Eureka Landings and a soler named Bgosh. Always good to have someone local for sol races, makes you feel more engaged in the race. He'll be missed for the Lake Winnebago icerace, good that it'll be in his memory.
Thanks for telling us Scooter.
Sorry to hear. I didn't get the chance to get to know Bgosh, but it sounds like a character I would have liked to meet. Will be there for the Lake Winnebago race and look forward to hear some anecdotes.
Have a nice sail to eternity, Bgosh. Hope you will find your Eureka Landings there.
I did many all-nighters with Bgosh in the early days of SOL, since the original SOL client didn't have all the bells & whistles like now: you couldn't set DCs so we sailed with partners depending on time zones to keep watch on each other's boats. But we would end up staying up all night anyway partying with each other just because it was so damn fun! Santaclaus was my main partner.

We'll miss you Bgosh/Rob! BTW his name 'Bgosh' came from the slogan for the overalls brand 'Oshkosh', sported by babies, kids and grandpa since the 1970's. Their famous slogan was "Oshkosh b'gosh!" ;)

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