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Dear all,

I would like to create a championship of week-end races.

Here is how I see this championship:

1. Every week-end of the year, there would be a race which would start either on Friday around 18:00 UCT or Saturday around 8:00 UCT, and which would be meant to finish on Sunday.

2. These week-end races would be used to establish a series of rankings:
2.1. Week-end championship for each month. 4-5 week-ends. December 2009, January 2010, etc
2.2. Week-end championship for each season. About 13 week-ends. Winter 2009-10, spring 2010, etc
2.3 Week-end championship for the whole year. About 52 week-ends.

3. The rankings of these championships would be calculated on the basis of the 50% best races. I believe that more than that is too demanding for most players
3.2. If the number of races is even, then exactly 50%, for example the 26 best races out of 52.
3.2. If the number of races is uneven, then the closest number of races above 50%, for example the 7 best races out of 13.

I have attached a schedule 16 proposed races + a Google kmz file. Basically, it is a tour of the European Union, starting in Bulgaria on the Black Sea, moving on to the Mediterranean, and continuing with a visit to the Atlantic islands.

I propose to use the polars of the Seacart 30, and to target a distance of about 400 NM to fit into one week-end. For other polars, another target distance should be used.

The races that I am proposing are only meant to get things moving. They should not exclude other ideas, as long as they fit with the overall concept of a weekend race starting on Friday evening or Saturday morning.

What do you think?

Francois on Incognito
Possibly a Northern / Southern hemisphere scoring bias is required as well.

It's hard for us "down under" types to compete in your iced over winter races, with you all nice and cosy staying indoors by roaring fires, sipping mulled wines etc, whilst we are out there IRL racing every night of the week and ALL weekends to.

So any races should have a points weighting of 3 times for summer geographical locations, 2 times for Spring / Autum (Fall) and 1 times for winter locations.

I'm just trying to recognise that sailing IRL interrupts SoL racing and that more DC commands are required if a sailor is away from their keyboards for extended periods of time.

What a can of worms?????

If it breaks, it's not strong enough!
Well Paul, you are not the only one whose IRL sailing disturbs SOL racing. And there is even a summer up here!

My advise: I will have a shot at becoming winter season champion, and you will have a shot in the summer (our summer!).
im going to be in the deep minority here, but i really dont like all weekend races... i use my weekends for life and am far better off Soling during the week...
"They won't play if they can't win" - Walt Disney
I'll prop up Mulligan's deep minority. One of the challenges that SOL has handled quite gracefully is balancing time, races and competing demands. Weekend races absolutely have an important place, but they need to fit into a balanced mix as well. Of course no one has suggested that SOL would run a weekend series _instead_ of work-week races...

My only concern with such an ambitious schedule (tour de EU a voile is a very cool idea) is that implementing it is at such a scale is going to displace a lot of other races, either real/tandem or "just for fun".

Could we pare a series down to a smaller number of races? The 16 that Incognito posted might fit well into a year's worth of racing one weekend a month, for instance. They'd all be interesting races in their own right!


What we see here is one of the reasons I used the term committee (maybe I should have asked for a group). We see that we have a large span of needs and wishes. Some like weekend, some short some loooong etc. The balanced mix is the future I think.

Another point I like to make is that entirely new races are "time consuming" to create whereas copies of races we have done before are much "cheaper" to administrate...

...one of the guys behind the game...
Another point I like to make is that entirely new races are "time consuming" to create whereas copies of races we have done before are much "cheaper" to administrate...


Jakob, two questions to guide the work of the Race Committee.

First, assuming that absolutely all the inputs of a brand-new race have been properly prepared in advance, how much time does it take you to set it up?

And second, do you need to be a computer expert to set up a race, or would it be possible to delegate that to the Race Committee?



If I get nicely prepared data I typical put together a NEW race in 1-2 hours. To set up a copy of an old race takes only 15 minutes.
Within the foreseeable future I will have to manage all the race setup. And let me say that I will gladely continue doing this :-))
...one of the guys behind the game...
If I get nicely prepared data I typical put together a NEW race in 1-2 hours. To set up a copy of an old race takes only 15 minutes.
Within the foreseeable future I will have to manage all the race setup. And let me say that I will gladely continue doing this :-))
To me, this implies that the SOL engine has a persistent format for the races. Then why not make the format known, so you wouldnt have all the burden Jakob?
Also someone could knock up a tool to automate conversion from Google Earth kml files to the format required by the SOL engine??
Just an idea...

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I help develop the client interface for the best online ocean racing sim there is... __/)/)_/)__
Well, setting up new races involver quite some hands on work but rerunning existing races should be able to do though e.g. a simple web-interface in a not too far future.
...one of the guys behind the game...

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Iliamna Lake, Alaska 2023

In search of wind and ice, we traveled as far as Alaska. Here on Lake Iliamna we will have our next ice race. Round the lake 145nm circuit counterclockwise in the DN ice boat. High speeds are expected so fasten your seatbelts and put on your goggles. Please note that there is no Performance Loss.
Race #1663
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Aland Sea TIMED Race 2023
Norrtalje Segelsallskap, 70km NE of Stockholm was founded in 1920, and time was when the society’s season opened with a challenging offshore race from the club line off Flaten island at the mouth of the long and narrow Norrtaljeviken, out onto a triangular course around the Aland Sea, to finish at Simpnas slightly to the north on Bjorko island - some 78nm in total. This will be the 6th time that SOL is running this race, and just like its previous iteration almost exactly 2 years ago will be held as a TIMEDrace in pretty Club Swan 50s.
RE-REGISTER HERE to race again after finishing a run
Race #1651
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RACE CLOSE: Sunday, 26 February at 23:00 UTC
Race starts: Feb 11th 12:00 Registration will open soon

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Melbourne to Hong Kong
After celebrating Christmas and New Year it is time for the second run in this year's Ocean Race Championship. After leaving Melbourne on this (about) 5.500 NM course, we will leave the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines, all to port. And remember, once again we'll have to choose the best way to cross the Doldrums
Race #1658
INFOfrom brainaid.de
OD65v3 Particulars
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0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
Race starts: Feb 04th 05:00 Registration Open!

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Buenos Aires to Rio 2023

This year's second ARCH series race will run from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on a route designed by SOLer Vida_Maldita (under his former alias of zero) in 2013. This is a replica of a classic triennial race of 1200nm, first run in 1947. More information about this IRL race can be found here.
So, Bemvindo/Bienvenidos in this coastal classic and prepare your 90ft Monohulls well.
Race #1662
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90ft Monohull PARTICULARS
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February 12 at 2300 UTC.
Race starts: Feb 01st 18:00 Registration Closed

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