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Post annotated by jakob :
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Anyone who has listened in on the chat or had private discussions with jakob the last little while has probably noticed a subtle "plea for help" tone to the dialog...

Organising races, fielding questions and complaints and responding to a never ending deluge of email adds up pretty quickly - not to mention the day job.

A request has gone out that the SOL faithful form a community driven race-committee. I'm not sure exactly what form that will take, but I do know that there are enough (benevolent) fanatics to take care of much of the grunt work of organising and liaising with the userbase. If we can handle some of the correspondence, revision and decision making duties, actually setting up the races is the "easy" part of the job.

I'm going to suggest that as a start, we use this thread to brainstorm ways that we can assist. I suspect that we'll need a separate sub-forum if this seems like an approach that is appropriate.

The standard form that race suggestions should be submitted in:

1) The coordinates for all waypoints in a list (preferably only using degrees)
2) Race name suggestion
3) Suggested start date and time in UTC
4) Short description (30 words or so)
5) Somewhat longer "invitation" for the SOL front page blog. This might be quite personal and easy-going if you like :-)
6) What boattype would you like?

Race ideas are always welcome - we can help by translating the requests into a manageable package for presentation to SOL. This also means guidance to ensure that races are suitable, debugged, and that we maintain a balanced mix of long and short races in different boats.
...and I kick off the thread by posting while logged in as sol. *more* email for jakob

Regardless of posting clumsiness - everyone has something that they can contribute, whether that is technical knowhow, sailing experience, language skills or just infectious enthusiasm.

You can count me in as Race Committee member, I think it's a great idea. I can help with anything you guys want. Whoever comes up with a race, could be the "Race Comittee Chairman" for that race and all the volunteers could pitch in with the "dirty work". I think it is a great way for more of the less technically inclined SOL'ers to give something back to the community.


Here is an example race suggestion:

1) The coordinates for all waypoints in a list:

Göteborg (Start) 57.68N 11.84E
Lindisfarne (pass West) 55.68N 1.76W
Göteborg (Finish) 57.68N 11.84E

2) Race name suggestion:

Lindisfarne Raid

3) Suggested start date and time in UTC:

Anytime, 12:00 UTC

4) Short description (30 words or so):

A round trip race from Göteborg, Sweden to Lidisfarne on the English coast and back in Viking longships.

5) Somewhat longer "invitation" for the SOL front page blog. This might be quite personal and easy-going if you like :-)

Our neighbours to the East have a habit of concentrating their riches in conveniently located seaside isolation. A short hop across the North Sea, the monastery on Lindisfarne has sandy landing beaches and plenty to plunder. Join us a we set sail from Göteborg and go a viking!

6) What boattype would you like?

Longship "Drake"

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I saw/joined the race committee discusion during the race yesterday and I am interested in joining the Race Committee.

First of all we the race committee should be aware of any technical limitations of the game, like the number of islands :) but also whether there are restrictions of the 'sailable area' because of the importing of weather data. Or whether a race should be time limited (is there extra serverload when a race takes 2 months instead of 1 day?) How many concurrent races can the server deal with?

Maybe Jakob could tell us what he things a Race Committee should do. What are those dirty jobs everyone is talking about? ;)

Let us know!

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my other boat is a kiteboard =)
Seems like a good idea to me; just let me know what I can do to help.
There are many ways to help.

Last year, I observed many sailors were unsure which way to sail in several of the races. I complained about the Fastnet course. So after emailing Jakob, I wrote many "Sailing Instructions" to assist. I tried to put some local "flavour" into them, including photos of key landmarks, lighthouses etc at turning marks.

Then more development in the racing now has comments attached to rounding points e.g. "Pass to the North West" which then changes to "Rounded".

This then made SI's less important and brainaid developed his automatic system.

One other aspect was that courses were announced prior to the SI's and then the Volvo SI's were only made public after the start of the actual IRL races.

So I am happy to help more again.
If it breaks, it's not strong enough!
Dear all,

I have emailed Jakob to signal him that I was also interested to join the race committee.

I believe that the race committee should first and foremost concentrate on the three following tasks:

1. I believe that SOL is continuously receiving race ideas. However, few of them are anything close to be worked out. The first task is to shift through these ideas and chose which ones should be developped as a matter of priority.

2. The second task is to establish and maintain a race schedule for something like 2-3 months ahead.

3. The third task is to prepare everything for input of the races into SOL, and possibly set up the races into the system. (I do not know to what extent the members of the race committee can be granted access to set up races themselves.)

Regarding the first task, I believe that right now we should start with preparing those races that parallel real ones. There are currently only two such races that spring to my mind: the transat Jacques Vabre which started last weekend (www.jacques-vabre.com/en/s01_home/s01p01_home.php), and the Sydney-Hobart (http://rolexsydneyhobart.com/default.asp) which starts on 26 December. Last year, SOL also added a Hobart-Sydney return race one week later, which is also a good idea.

It is currently the high season in the Southern Hemisphere. I am convinced that there should be other races in that region that would be worth setting up in SOL. As I have no access to the chat during the day, may I suggest to those of you who have access to sound out southern hemishere players about interesting races in their area.

I am sure we will already come up with a new crop of ideas!



I want to try the Viking race :)

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Back in 2013, SOLer FR_cirrus introduced us to the meteor-impact crater lake of Manicouagan in northern Quebec province, at 100km diameter the 5th largest such geological feature on the planet. We speculated then that the impact was perhaps the one responsible for the dinosaur extinction, but at 215m years ago that is wrong, and generally that result is attributed to the 65m year old Chicxulub impact on the tip of the Yucatan peninsula. Last time, we raced the 138nm ‘rond la lac’ in Platu 25s, but it’s winter and there’s ice, so let’s take our no-performance-loss so no-holds-barred DNs instead, and get back indoors quickly.
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RE-REGISTER HERE to race again after finishing a run.
Race #1783
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RACE CLOSE: Saturday,
March 2 at 2300 UTC
Race starts: Feb 18th 12:00 Registration Open!
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Perth to Mombasa 2024

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Race #1762
INFOby brainaid.de
WX Updates:
0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
Ranking: OCQ1 - OCCH - SUPSOL - SYC
RACE CLOSE: Thursday,
February 29 at 2300 UTC.
Race starts: Feb 05th 11:00 Registration Closed
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