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Hi fellow SOLers....Not being a RL yachty Im not sure of what races are on the calender here in South Africa, but I will find out. One that I recently saw on telly was a neat little drag race down and upwind that started from Simonstown to a buouy at Cape Point and back as an example. Ill get back to the "Committee" on this because there are quite a few offshore races available that might be interesting to do.
Excellent! That is what we need.
Looks like everyone is on the same page!

Do we want to start then by fleshing out Incognito's list of "real" races for the next 4 months? - there must be some South American one for instance. The big ones are the races that the calendar needs to be woven around.

How about Dubai-Muscat on Nov 26? Interesting course, and we have some "locals".

Sydney-Hobart is a must. It's probably in the "archive" but it would be a good exercise to flesh it out again.

Short races and "fun" races seem ideal to just maintain a pool that can be drawn from as needed.

Long-duration races need to budgeted carefully as there are only so many slots.
I really like the Viking race as proposed by 76Trombones.

I also have some ideas for races, but I am currently more interested in finding a solid way to organize this Racing Committee...

I think setting up a special part in this forum for the Race Committee is a good start. It will be a good way to receive ideas and discuss them.

It's up to Jakob to tell us how far our autonomy will reach in terms of putting races into the system. And the possibilities of an actual calender on the website with all races 2 to 3 months ahead.
(I am a professional web designer/developer, if there is something I can do to help.....)

In the mean time I imagine the call for a Race Committee is actually providing more work for Jakob (emails and forumposts to read) so I will stop here...

BTW: I am also known as RemyBlom in the game... changed my nick but it appears not to be a global change :S
my other boat is a kiteboard =)

I will here try to give you all wonderful SOLers my view of what we need.

The primary objectives of a race committee is to bring structure into the racing and to ease the load aft the current administrators. By structure I mean that SOL wants to offer a balanced mix of races, series etc that welcomes participants from all over by a mix of race formats, race lengths, boat types, starting times etc etc. Some SOL:ers love short races and some love long races. Some loves SLI-hopping and some don´t. Some have professions that does not enable weekday sailing and vice versa. Some even live on the other side of the globe and have spouses with opinions :-).

SOL wants to offer races at all times, there shall always be something happening at SOL. Until now, we have basically just created new races as the current one finishes. Some races have been similar to IRL-races and some have been the result of creativity. Some has been well designed and some…

Through the years we have learned that SOL bring out so much good energy in so many users. The community is nothing less than fantastic. We now dream of a system where some of this energy in a structured way is used to make SOL even better. We want to establish a race committee, or at least some sort of structured system/organization for race scheduling that would ease of the load of the SOL administrators. Currently SOL get quite a lot of e-mails from people with very good and creative ideas for races and improvements that (to be honest) often en up in in an email in-box. One has to realize that SOL is run on very small resources and is administrated mostly at night between evening news and tooth brushing of kids. SOL simply needs more user engagement in the daily work and we hope that there is enthusiasm for these questions out there.

A race committee could maybe:
- Have responsibility of keeping a race schedule available to make race implementation easier and to make users able to plan hers/his racing.
- Create suitable series that improves the racing. (The functionality is implemented)
- Scout for interesting races.
- Prepare races for server implementations (Name, waypoints, texts, boattypes, maps, times etc)
- Do most of the communication with the community regarding races/planning/rankings etc
- Help keeping the manual up-to-date
- Find ways to engage the community (maybe by voting etc) in future development and race planning.
- Maybe develop a system of divisions. (maybe this is the way to separate routers/non-routers?)
- etc

We do not know the best committee size, working methods nor setup but rather hope that this would be the first challenge for the committee to take on. Kalle and Jakob can be members of the committee but will not take on the chair so to speak. I don't even know if what I am asking for is possible but I think it is worth trying. Only very limited amounts of race-committee-tool-development can be done by the SOL admins in an initial phase so we need to come up with simple solutions.

Anyone up for taking the helm the first leg?

...one of the guys behind the game...

Thanks for giving a better job description of the RC's duties. The RC definately needs a Chairman, as well as members from countries in different timezones so as to accomodate a "global" point of view. I do hereby nominate 76T to have first dibs at the Chairman position, since he started this thread! I volunteer for whatever duties need to be done. I'm not up to speed on the technical (computer) side of the job, but I'm willing to learn. On the sailing side I can provide you guys with decent insight, since I've been sailing IRL pretty much my entire life, and that also includes doing my fair share of RC work at the local yacht club.

Looking forward to working hard to enhance SOL's position as the best damn sailing simulation online, and making it even more enjoyable for the online sailing community!


Let me summarize.

The following people have expressed an interest to join the race committee:
- 76Trombones (Sweden?)
- Exmeromotu (Puerto Rico)
- Windjunks! (Netherlands)
- Verboten (USA)
- Paul Rosser (NZ - NZL_PaulR?)
- Jawz (South Africa)
- Incognito (Belgium)

The following races have been mentionned:
- Transat Jacques Vabre: >3000 NM, 8 November
- Dubai-Muscat: ~360 NM, 26 November
- Sydney-Hobart: ~600 NM, 26 December
- Hobart-Sydney: ~600 NM, early January
- Lindisfarne Raid (Viking raid): anytime
- Simonstown drag race: anytime

I believe that the size of the race committee does not require a very formal organization at this stage.

However, I believe we will quickly need a few tools to coordinate the work.
- A calendar that could be edited by all members of the committee to prepare the schedule of races.
- A mailbox that can be read by all members of the committee. My idea is that race suggestions should be send or forwarded to this mailbox.
- A forum with access reserved to the members of the committee. In my idea, this forum should not be used to discuss big policy issues (the public SOL forum is more appropriate for that), but only to organize the nitty-gritty work.

What do you think?

I will try setting up a Google Calendar. Never worked with it before but it looks promising.
Features are: I can give people the right to add/edit/etc events. All events are public. You can easily embed this calendar in any website. Or you can just import the calendar into your Office suite or iCal for Mac...

Will share the url when I set it up...

my other boat is a kiteboard =)
Yesterday evening, I searched the net further to find 'real' races. Below, some resources that I came accross:
- http://www.imoca.org/races.asp
- http://www.rorc.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=32&Itemid=23
- http://www.classemini.com/?mode=calendrier&langue=en

If you find other similar resources, please tell us!

Yesterday evening, I searched the net further to find 'real' races. Below, some resources that I came accross:
- http://www.imoca.org/races.asp
- http://www.rorc.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=32&Itemid=23
- http://www.classemini.com/?mode=calendrier&langue=en

If you find other similar resources, please tell us!


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NOTE: Starts and Finishes in tall ships racing are always offshore to avoid conflict with shipping and shipping lanes.
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Race #1698
INFO from brainaid.de
WX Updates:
0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
Ranking: SYC
RACE CLOSE: Tuesday,
October 3 at 2300 UTC.
Race starts: Sep 16th 15:00 Registration Closed
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