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Post annotated by jakob :
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Hi everyone,

I create this new thread to discuss the overall concept of the race schedule that the Race Committee should try to set up.

To start the discussion, here are my ideas:

- Every month, one or two major ocean races. These races would be at least one week long, and would form a separate championship.

- For those of us that have problems playing at work (like me!), week-end races almost every week-end of the year. These races would start on Friday evening or Saturday morning, and would be supposed to finish by Sunday afternoon. There would be a separate Week-End Championship.

- For those of us that are too busy during the week-end and resting at work, working man races almost every week of the year. These races would start something like Tuesday morning and finish around Friday morning. Again, there would be a separate championship.

- Drag races of only a few hours, perhaps as a replacement for some of the week-end and working man races.



I think your proposal is great as it addresses the needs of pretty much everybody. With the "short" weekend and workday series being in the 2-3 day timeframe that pretty much takes care of the timezone issue. The "drag races" should be equitatively distributed timezone wise to keep things even.

This is a great first step.


I posted this idea on the Chat, but it could get more lasting feedback here?

Like the recent Orno Races, how about a 'Regatta'. The same race, on several days but with the start time staggered to make all Time Zones able to play equally?

The best time of all finishers is the winner, (if software supports this)?

what about us that can race 24/7/365 ? :-)

what about us that can race 24/7/365 ? :-)

What do you suggest? A race every day? A never-ending race?

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Francois, what about us that can race 24/7/365 ? :-)

How about 3 times around Antarctica against the Prevailing

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This was intended as a joke


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None so blind
Or sail around the pacific loop?

Or a race down the Nile, Ganges, Amazon?
If it breaks, it's not strong enough!
Like the recent Orno Races, how about a 'Regatta'. The same race, on several days but with the start time staggered to make all Time Zones able to play equally?

To pick up on this, I think it might be a good idea to discuss the issues of starting times for races.

The shorter the race, the more sensitive the issue, with drag races such as the Orno Runt really problematic.

I feel that it would be useful for the Racing Committee to have some guidelines in this respect.
In another thread, Jakob told us the following:
If I get nicely prepared data I typically put together a NEW race in 1-2 hours. To set up a copy of an old race takes only 15 minutes.
Within the foreseeable future I will have to manage all the race setup. And let me say that I will gladely continue doing this :-)

I have another practical question, Jakob.

Say, the Race Committee comes up with three fully prepared but brand new races, for example one ocean race, one week-end race and one week race, all three to be set up for the next week for example. Is that too much work for you, or is that OK?

If not, then the Race Committee should take care that the work load remains bearable. By recycling older races or by lightening the schedule.
Well hehe, to set up three new races every week is maybe on the high side... but to get things rolling now in the start - sure, no problemo. We must all also have some technical things in mind:
- Too many active boats in relation to server capacity makes the system slower (which is not good, especially for short races). With active boats I mean the sum of all registered boats (that are not finished) in all races that are open. For the moment I think that we do not really want more than 2000 boats active. This limits the amount of races that we can have open in parallel. This also makes long races somewhat "expensive" since we cannot do a lot of other stuff at the same time. But, if SYC grows we will be able to invest in servers to increase capacity. It is mostly a matter of €.
- I can however prepare races for "pre-registration" by a limited group to view and check the course etc.

...one of the guys behind the game...

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Iliamna Lake, Alaska 2023

In search of wind and ice, we traveled as far as Alaska. Here on Lake Iliamna we will have our next ice race. Round the lake 145nm circuit counterclockwise in the DN ice boat. High speeds are expected so fasten your seatbelts and put on your goggles. Please note that there is no Performance Loss.
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Aland Sea TIMED Race 2023
Norrtalje Segelsallskap, 70km NE of Stockholm was founded in 1920, and time was when the society’s season opened with a challenging offshore race from the club line off Flaten island at the mouth of the long and narrow Norrtaljeviken, out onto a triangular course around the Aland Sea, to finish at Simpnas slightly to the north on Bjorko island - some 78nm in total. This will be the 6th time that SOL is running this race, and just like its previous iteration almost exactly 2 years ago will be held as a TIMEDrace in pretty Club Swan 50s.
RE-REGISTER HERE to race again after finishing a run
Race #1651
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RACE CLOSE: Sunday, 26 February at 23:00 UTC
Race starts: Feb 11th 12:00 Registration will open soon

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Melbourne to Hong Kong
After celebrating Christmas and New Year it is time for the second run in this year's Ocean Race Championship. After leaving Melbourne on this (about) 5.500 NM course, we will leave the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines, all to port. And remember, once again we'll have to choose the best way to cross the Doldrums
Race #1658
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OD65v3 Particulars
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Race starts: Feb 04th 05:00 Registration Open!

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Buenos Aires to Rio 2023

This year's second ARCH series race will run from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on a route designed by SOLer Vida_Maldita (under his former alias of zero) in 2013. This is a replica of a classic triennial race of 1200nm, first run in 1947. More information about this IRL race can be found here.
So, Bemvindo/Bienvenidos in this coastal classic and prepare your 90ft Monohulls well.
Race #1662
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90ft Monohull PARTICULARS
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February 12 at 2300 UTC.
Race starts: Feb 01st 18:00 Registration Closed

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