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Matter of Euros $.

How about some "Public" races as now


Some races CLOSED for Sailonline Yacht Club MEMBERS ONLY.

It may encourage more to join SYC.

Prizes will also help people join SYC!
If it breaks, it's not strong enough!
I for one enjoy the long ocean races but can understand the 'expensive' element. Can we have an ocean race where the numbers of entries are limited, open initially to Club Members first then open to the public.

There are two interesting non-stop races I’d enjoy sailing:

The first would be from Europe around the two big capes to port then up into the pacific to round Dutch Harbor (of Deadliest Catch fame) then back down to Cape horn to finish where we started (Westport, Ireland?)

The other is to sail around the world's biggest island EAA 'Europe-Asia-Africa' (counter clockwise)

If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know
@paul rosser: I personally am not a friend of a 2class-society. So please no diversion between members and non-members.

@jakob: how many new members to SOL need for an additional server? ;-)
How's about more adverts for a membership on the game's desktop?

@ jakob: how about an entry limitation for minor races?

- Well, we would need to reach at least 1000 members to do some improvements.

- We want to spread SOL and I am not sure entry limitations increases spread. Our strategy is to love-all-serve-all to increase influx of new players. Happy sailors will the join SYC.

...one of the guys behind the game...
Stuart: My point was really aimed at getting MORE paid up SYC members to help SoL financially; rather than any two classes of people.

With more SYC paid up members, there is more finance to fund more development.
At the moment, the only difference for members vs non-members is the mobile phone mini client. Unfortunately my mobile phone only makes voice calls and TXT's.

I was thinking of ways to INCREASE SYC membership.
Prizes for members only? In NZL boats, we race for a Mt Gay Rum as well!!
Perhaps a T Shirt?, to the Top place SYC sailor who has NOT yet previously won a T shirt. Perhaps just am embroidered SYC / Sailonline LOGO that could be easily posted worldwide and allows the receiver to sew it onto their existing favourite sailing apparel. Personally I would sew one onto my sleveless warm vest.

They could even be embroided with the "BOATS" name e,g, NZL_PaulR to make it really personal.

We have shopping malls that have businesses that do this all the time. It would only require logo's in computer file formats, boats names, winners postal addresses and money to make and post.

Happy to organise, If I can have a free one!!

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If it breaks, it's not strong enough!
Dear commitee,
My 2 pences thoughts:

I have joined the club AFTER I have ENjoy the game.

Basically I have no problem to pay when I know that I (will) have fun. I perfectly share the point of Jakob, love all- serve all.
This is also the edge and strenght of sol compared to other stuff you find on the web, no name here ...;-)

Would have been the other way around, first pay then enjoy, I would probably NOT be a member, like I am NOT and even not registered and other site!

Just a little input from my side to give some work to the committee too: Why you do not prepare a questionare asking simply to the member "WHY" they joined? this will probably give some good hint for plan the expansion and find how to "catch" more friends, could also be sent by e-mail.

PS: what about to link somehow sol to SAIL2010 in Bremerhaven? can we charter a vessel for a minicruise for the member and friends starting from holland or Norway or England and sail to the happening? We could also use really the SOL flag!

PS2: as a first merchandise article I would sell the flag of SOL that all the members should have the moral obbligation to put on their RL boat ;-)

thanks and see you on the (virtual) water.
hi all -

i am starting to think about another route(pun intended) at the end of my SYC membership i will probably NOT re-up, but donate directly. the present ranking model for SYC and the additional planned extra races make it less likely that i will be able to carry the burden to support my rankings, which with the mobile client, is the only 'incentive' to join.

so i miss some elitist member only races, as long as there ARE 'public' races im fine with my planned donation model...

just a differing view from a vastly different point,

"They won't play if they can't win" - Walt Disney
Gillies: I agree that the "FREE" sailing was a definate most attractive reason why I started SoL. The alternative of having to purchase features in VR put me off that.

So "YES" to free racing.

What I was suggesting was that whilst one race is totally free, as per current situation, there could be a second or third race at the same time that is for SYC members only.

So you can still race for free, but only members can do the extra race, especially if there was a "prize" involved.

Another reason I joined SYC was to boost the "Nations Rankings" done by Sternum (?). The analysis he does I think is/was really great. I personally sent several emails to him. A while ago he was producing interesting tables of top 10 speed in last hour, last 24 hours etc.

I had suggested some "Worst performances" tables e.g. Longest time aground, most groundings per race, first to reach the end of the known SoL world (Chart borders) as well.

Then the frequency of updating slowed and my interest fell. Perhaps SoL should incorporate this analysis into their main program?

So my most valid reason to join SYC was to boost the NZL team. This year re-newing was to show continued support to Jakob and I am happy to say the cost justification was less than NZD$1.00 per week for racing whic compared to a cup of coffee at a cafe at NZD$3.00 to NZD$4.50 is good value for the time I spend and fun involved.
Euro 30 => 0.57 Euro per week.

I enjoy several coffees per day!!

If it breaks, it's not strong enough!
Hi All,
The reason that I, and some others that I am in contact with in SOL Havn't become members of SOL is the
" Presure to race". The ranking system puts the presure on you to race. \we all know and keep telling ourselves that rankings mean nothing, but once you are in a ranking system the human competitive nature comes in and you find yourself in every race,up at all hours of the night. Which is fine if you don't have to work the next day.Then there are some of us that can't access a PC during working hours.So I think the best way to attract more members is to revise the current ranking system and have more weekend races,( which we have lately so thanks for that.)
Just lately I know of two members that have finished sailing here, and won't be returning and the resons given are the ones above!!

Sam, for many weeks I was on the podium of the SYC ranking. With summer, my IRL sailing picked up but then my SYC ranking started to drop rapidly! :D

In my last ranking, I have done only 6 of the last 15 races. I race on SailOnline first and foremost to have fun. Nice when the ranking is good, but not necessary.

Personnally, I am happy to provide some financial support to SailOnline given the number of hours per year that I enjoy this game. On a per hour basis, membership is dirt cheap! :D

You have a point regarding week-end races. I am exactly in the situation that you describe: no access to the race screen at work, and need for sleep during the week. The good news is that from now on there will be a race almost every week-end of the year, with a separate ranking for the week-end races. It is almost decided.


Francois (Incognito)

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Current Races:

Lac Manicouagan Ice Race 2024

Back in 2013, SOLer FR_cirrus introduced us to the meteor-impact crater lake of Manicouagan in northern Quebec province, at 100km diameter the 5th largest such geological feature on the planet. We speculated then that the impact was perhaps the one responsible for the dinosaur extinction, but at 215m years ago that is wrong, and generally that result is attributed to the 65m year old Chicxulub impact on the tip of the Yucatan peninsula. Last time, we raced the 138nm ‘rond la lac’ in Platu 25s, but it’s winter and there’s ice, so let’s take our no-performance-loss so no-holds-barred DNs instead, and get back indoors quickly.
Race #1769
INFOby brainaid.de
NAM_AWIP WX Updates:
0245 / 0845 / 1445 / 2045
Ranking: DN - SYC
Race starts: Feb 28th 15:00 Registration Open!
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Simonstown to St Helena 2024

Since the weather in the northern hemisphere is not pleasant, we stay in the climate of southern Africa to hold another race from the All-Round Championship series. Our Gunboat_90s will have to cover the 1700nm route from Simonstown to the island of Saint Helena, which became the last haven of Emperor Napoleon.
Race #1785
INFO by brainaid.de
WX Updates:
0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
Race starts: Feb 26th 17:00 Registration Open!
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San Diego to Puerto Vallarta 2024

Set sail for adventure with Sailonline's third epic voyage, in collaboration with the San Diego Yacht Club! Prepare for the ultimate challenge: a 1000-nautical-mile race to Puerto Vallarta along the stunning Mexican Riviera. As the real fleet ventures forth, we'll be right beside them, guiding our Santa Cruz 70s toward the sun-soaked shores of Puerto Vallarta! Are you ready to join the excitement?!
Race #1784
INFO by brainaid.de
Santa Cruz 70 Particulars
WX Updates:
0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
Ranking: SYC
Race starts: Feb 24th 20:00 Registration Open!
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Buenos Aires to Punta del Este TIMED Race 2024

Hello Argentina! Hello Uruguay! We are back after fourteen years, on the brown waters of the Rio de la Plata to race from the shores of Buenos Aires to the beaches of Punta del Este. This is a TIMED race, so be sure to re-register using the link below after you have finished a run, so that you can be ready to go again if fairer winds present themselves!
RE-REGISTER HERE to race again after finishing a run.
Race #1783
INFO by brainaid.de
WX Updates:
0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
RACE CLOSE: Saturday,
March 2 at 2300 UTC
Race starts: Feb 18th 12:00 Registration Open!
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Perth to Mombasa 2024

Embark on an exhilarating maritime odyssey - the second leg of the 2024 Ocean Race Championship. This daring expedition charts a 4500nm course from the shores of modern Perth to the historic port city of Mombasa. Braving the vastness of the Indian Ocean in our high-performance OPEN 60, this voyage promises to be not only a test of skill and strategy but an immersive experience in the untamed beauty of the world's oceans. Join us as we push the boundaries of seafaring prowess on this epic adventure, where every wave will tell a tale of determination and triumph.
Race #1762
INFOby brainaid.de
WX Updates:
0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
Ranking: OCQ1 - OCCH - SUPSOL - SYC
RACE CLOSE: Thursday,
February 29 at 2300 UTC.
Race starts: Feb 05th 11:00 Registration Closed
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