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In spirit of discussion/debate...

Tackling the rankings as an incentive is a good idea, but it might not be the real driving force that SOL seems to be looking for. Great start though, and if division sailing can be worked out so much the better.

I'd like to believe that allowing people to self-select would result in "fair" classes, but a results-based ranking seems more likely. It does seem to punish high-performing-non-routers. In the end is this not just a "public recognition" of a top 40 finish, 41st becomes 1st etc? Most boats set targets already - not so sure that relabeling changes much.

Two suggestions that might give divisions some teeth:

Make Div 1 boats invisible to Div 2.

or (not both)

Start Div 1 behind Div 2. We've talked about this before, either in context of skill-based classes or multiple boat handicap pursuit racing. Consensus has always seemed to be that it might be fun, but two start-times not supported by current soft/dev-time etc.

A _possible_ hack that might work for a trial: Would it be possible to tap into the "real boat" tracking side of things to display a second independent race? Start Div 2, then Div 1 as two races on the server with mirrored boats? Brain must be our guy here...

Staggered starts might ease some of the inevitability of SOL racing. Rather than seeing the race strung out with little chance to overtake, the Div 1 boats would have some wolves at their heels and Div 2 would have something to chase other than a perfect execution of router-assist strategy. Keep the rankings separate and no complaints about weather favouring one group.

Suggest a lead of 2% of expected duration.
I'm only interested in a ranking Corinthian sailors versus sailors using software. As it is now, non-software users will never ever have a chance to win a race!
In the start-up of SOL everybody had equal possibilities to win, but that (good) times are far away... main reason for me to not take part on races the last months, winners are known already before a race starts...
"Sailing is an Art"
OK, counting lol....we have

Weekend Championship PRO's,
Weekend Championship Rookies,
MIDweek Championships PRO's,
Midweek Championships Rookies,
Ocean Championship PRO's,
Ocean Championship Rookies,
NONsense Championship PRO's,
NONsense Championships Rookies

.....NOW let's create Female classes in all also and we can have 16 Championships!!!!

SORRY but what is the %^&&* point???

Simplicity was one of the main attracts of Sol to me, learning a lot, meeting wonderful people from all over the world
Mo TT (and I'm sure, others

Here's the point.. many people like something to shoot for, and feel like they have no chance vs. the routers, or because they are inexperienced, or because they can only race on weekends, etc.

Also, I have found that ranking battles are another interesting part of SOL, and another great conversation starter. Whether you just congratulate someone or throw down the gauntlet to create some "game within the game," it's another point of conversation with other SOLers. Some SOLers I primarily know because I am or have been close to them in the rankings.

For that reason, I think national/regional rankings, at least for the countries with a certain minimum of competitors, would be great at some time in the future. There used to be a site with something like that but I don't think it is kept up any more.

And for those of you who don't care about rankings, they're easy enough to ignore. But there's no doubt that it rankings, and competiton in general, raise the interest level. How far would any major sport get without divisions, playoffs, awards, and championships?

So I say, the more we have at SOL, the merrier.

2009-10 Southeastern Massachusetts Weekend/Weekday Non-Router Champion :-)
Your input to this topic is great, keep going, we need all this to figure the way to go.

It might be possible to have a routers/non-routers competition, the problem of course is that this depends on honesty of sailors. On the other hand, you'd only get a chance to beat brainaid and others in the routers division, as I would clearly only compete there. I also had the idea to make some items which are not interesting for non-routers available to routers, so they have a reason to join the routers division. (This could be GRIB download of the SOL weather for example).

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The sea is lovely, dark, and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to sail before I sleep, And miles to sail before I sleep.
2009-10 Southeastern Massachusetts Weekend/Weekday Non-Router Champion :-)

That's the spirit!
I'm a non-router and happy with the way things are. It's a challenge to beat the routers and would not like to be separated.

--- Last Edited by Chila at 2010-08-02 16:37:03 ---
Hello all!!!
I m honestly a bit suprised at this little war between routers and non routers!!!!!!!!!
it sounds a bit of no sence??!!!???
we are playing a game no?????
And we are having fun no???
I think that it's a great stimulation to compet in sol even against routers!!!!! I learn every time!!!!
And in the top 20 there are plenty who do not use routers!!!!!!
So come on all we are here to have fun!!!!! and to stimulate our brain!!!! hihihihihi
4got to say that I am MO_PAYEPAYE lolllllllllllllllllllllllll
As promised, here's my outline for a system of class racing. I want to emphasize that in my proposal the fleet will not be broken up, as feared by some. Rather, I see it as an addition to the SYC ranking. As far as I am concerned, the Weekend, Week and Ocean Race Rankings are scrapped.

I do not know if what I am proposing is at all possible, technically or resource-wise. Also, I realize there will never be 100% agreement in whatever is done to improve SOL's racing experience.

I do believe it may help resolve the grand debate.


--- Last Edited by Schakel at 2010-08-02 18:44:35 ---

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