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Hi all, sorry could not find again the original post regarding the rounding of the marks.
Let me say:
1) Really well done Exmeromotu in rounding England
2) I am happy with the new system forcing the rounding in the correct way.

I admit I do not know the IRL rules so my questions here:
a)if a mark is "rounded", you are free to sail to the next one, whatever route?
b)why you get ,again , the "pass N" if you sail back??? (ok, is the logic implementation of the software...)
Full with admiration to Exme I tryed the short cut and was punished, no problem...

conclusion: bearing in mind 2) and a) would not make sense the a valid rounded mark stay with its status "locked"?
The purpose of the new system is that you always actually have to *round* each waypoint, "locking" roundings would mean this would not alway be true.

Illustration from 76Trombones hijacked form another thread: http://tinyurl.com/2ua4w8k

--- Last Edited by Kalle Haglunds at 2010-08-04 10:54:08 ---
Maybe we should rethink the set up for rounding. In the current Round GB Race,at the Muckle Flugga Mark, I can see where I might have gained by going the right way over the mark and going back to the other side of the island. More wind to the west. But why is the course of Exmeromotu and Jawz any different (other than going back to the south of Muckle Flugga) than getting the rounded signal and then turning back?

The current system was set up because of the confusion over an offshore mark to the north of an island off British Columbia. The course layout indicated a route around the island, but it was faster to go past the mark and back around the same side you'd just come up.

This really didn't solve that problem because it is still possible to double back around an offshore mark by doing 2 360s (see example G in 76's diagrams).

In any case I do not think that a boat should get the "rounded" signal and have it reversed later. In my case in the Round GB race 30 min after getting the rounded signal.

If the intent is to have all boats stay on a certain side of an island or course, then the best way I would think would be to place another mark (or marks) down course.

In my opinion I think the best way is to allow full choice of best course to next mark once a mark has been passed on the proper side.
I think the current rounding system is easy to communicate, fair and reflect most peoples intuitive feeling of how they should work. Give me a corner case were we can improve without disturbing the consistency of the rules, sure, but going back to the old system is not going to happen. See, I can be a good dictator at times :)
I was surprised to see that my rounded buoy was disrounded later. But it's logical with the new rules, to avoid that type of course. If I had known the rules I wouldn't have done that.
But I completely agree with the precedent posts. If you really want people to take a specific route it's more simple to place more marks.
Last thing : as Gilles, I don't understand the necessity of such a rule. I wasn't there when the subject was discussed, but I really don't understand. Everybody should be free to take the way he wants, as long as the marks are "rounded". Isn't it supposed to be a strategy and routing game? Or a little train behind Brainaid?

--- Last Edited by FR_marcoZZ at 2010-08-04 21:50:05 ---

--- Last Edited by FR_marcoZZ at 2010-08-04 21:51:54 ---
Guys, I did the Round Britain and Ireland Race twice double-handed. One of the rules is that you have to leave ALL islands at starboard side... So, what's the issue???? Going in BETWEEN islands is against the spirit of the official race.
"Sailing is an Art"
Once this SOL Round Britain and Ireland race is completed there will be two adjustments made to the course before it is archived... the waypoint at Flannen will be removed, to open up crazy routing up to the Shetlands and an additional waypoint will be put on the NE coast of Scotland :-D

How's that?
Removing the waypoint at Flannan and allowing the option to go east of the isle of Lewis might open up a new debate as you wont be going "Around Britain and Ireland"
As Cajun said in the IRL race you have to keep all islands to starboard thus making sure the boats go round Britain and ireland as the rece name suggests.

--- Last Edited by victory at 2010-08-05 18:30:59 ---
Hallo my friends ;)

the issue is much simpler than it appears. IRL there is a Race Committee that rules and its ruling cannot be challenged . At each mark we have to adhere to the TWO instructions we find there : 1) direction arrows and 2) correct side. I believe that example G in 76 recap is immaterial ( sorry Mathias ;))...In actual facts if that buoy is offshore you dont need to do all those 360s ...just round it correctly and then go where you want .....If it is onshore then the 360s would ground you , unless it is on a small island ..in that case too ...why doing the 360? ...round the little island in the correct direction and go where you want ....;) ;) ;)

ciao ciao
One of the rules is that you have to leave ALL islands at starboard side... So, what's the issue???? Going in BETWEEN islands is against the spirit of the official race.
Thanks for the IRL explanation, I was looking for this!

Nevertheless for sake of general discussion (do not want to challenge the rule emperor Kalle!!!)
just round it correctly and then go where you want

I can understand that when the mark is correctly rounded (WITHOUT crazy routing to GO there!!!)after it I am free....or not really?
I think that this is the corner case Kalle was looking for....
[Go to the mark and pass it correctly and after it go where you like...]

(except the if it is against the spirit as Cajun highlighted...)

P.S. do not tell this to Exme ;-)!

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