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Board » Technical Support » boat ( J122 ) in sydney hobart just rounded up head to wind

While I was away my boat just rounded up head to wind and stayed there in the middle of the ocean (41.744 149.529 it is strill there) no land in sight no obstructions, any idea what could have gone wrong?
Were you sending commands or did it "just happen"? One sort of pedagogical bug is that it's easy to forget the checkbox on TWA, and then hit send command with the intention on sending CC. But this bug seems to occur maybe a little too frequently for that. Do you think this could be the case?
I think it happens often now because we have had to restart often. After a restart all commands are set to 000 and CC is ticked.

Is it possible to change it so you have to choose cc or twa?
Atleas the first time after login.
Post hidden by kalle :
Oups, posted with my test user...
Yea good idea, or maybe just a confirmation checkbox after sending the command, ie "Command TWA=XXX deg was sent". That could be annoying, but maybe it's better to be a little annoying than letting unintended commands through
I'm quite sure I didn't leave any delayed course changes and the boat was on a cc otherwise it could never have rounded up (we were on a run flying the kite) It happened when I wasn't logged in ( I was in the low 30 ranking wise) when I came back in the afternoon I was 86 and I should have been at the nr 2 mark on the approach to hobart. So I'm quite clueless of what happened is there a log on the server you can take a look at?
I heard of more users having this during the last race. I didn't experience it myself but there were reports of this happening. Both mac and pc clients.

Didn't have enough info to get a good insight but I urged peaple to post their error log if it occured.

I think we have to put the error posting back in place, or better "train" our users to post the problems in the forum.
I am a ex-admin of SOL who joins in from time to time.
Yea I will put the feedback link back - I just didn't have time to port it to the new website.

We'll look into this.

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