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newsartist 20:27:

There once was a sailor named Smo.
And how that Skipper could go!
But his alarm didn't wake,
So his boat it did break...
Alas, 'twas the end of poor Smo.
The Unst Rounding

The rounding of Unst/Muckle Flugga
Has proven to be quite a bugga
To stay east or go west
We couldn’t have guessed
The server would need a wee slugga
Go Green

Oh, the Shamrocks of Ireland are pretty
And the bearers of such often witty
I know this one pirate
Who gets his words quite right
Un-obfuscated by nitty-gritty
On an 'as yet undefined server problem'

We are loving the joys of ol' SOL
Having fun is our primary goal
Whene'er there's a glitch
We try not to bitch
But we smile through clenched teeth ... on the whole
Ode to SOLAdmin
(first two lines are CG)

There once was a SOLer callled Mouth,
Who sailed North when others sailed South,
" It's the server", said he,
No, that couldn't be.
Admin must remove any doubt.

(In memory of Dennis Ritchie.
Difficult to overestimate the effect of K&R and UNIX.)

--- Last Edited by scallions at 2011-10-26 21:44:38 ---
On How Silence May Be Golden

Oh, I've dragged my good name through the dirt
When perhaps I was overly curt
As the SOL server puked
It was I who rebuked
I AM sorry if someone was hurt
Not at all, my dear fellow,
No need for that sorrow,
With the finish in sight
Who knows who might
Have podiumed tomorrow

--- Last Edited by scallions at 2011-10-25 19:58:42 ---
Sweet Windy Ride

Twenty knots from Alicante we ride
In SOL, there is nowhere to hide
We follow your track
then miss when to tack
By the end, we all will have cried

Ode to Servers

In SOL, we don’t have a tide
But the internet still gives us a ride
We can ping all day long
As we sail with the throng
And hope the servers never get fried!

A song (to the tune of "Streets of Laredo" - sing with gusto ... (or anyone else :-)

As I sailed down to the straits of Gibralter,
The wind in my hair, and enjoying the day,
I spied a young Soler, with tangled up halyards,
a mast that was broken, sail-ing the wrong way.

I thought "shall I help him", as he is in trouble,
his sails were in tatters and looking like lace,
I threw him a line, which he fastened securely,
Now back in the race and we're after first place.

"I thank ewe" :-D

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