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Fake Gibraltar Start

Then we did a fake start off Gibraltar
The results, I just couldn’t alter
The leaders, it seems
Stayed with Traffic Schemes
A plan, IRL, that won’t falter.

On Indomitability

There was a smart sailor named T
Who was sevens and sixes on me
He tracked with precision
And made an incision
In everything I want to be.
Ode To The "T"

The push south to Capetown
Has been quite a ride
With windholes and wizards
There’s nowhere to hide
The Trombone, as they say,
Leads the Big Parade in.
He has what it takes
To chalk up a huge win!!

Well done!
ScanTour Fun

The winds in the ScanTour were screamin’
The SLIs caught you while dreamin’
Past fjords that are rocky
You must not get cocky
Your coffee cup always a’steamin’

Great race Jep!!

On Leaving Jeroen Adrift off Africa

Don't look back, it's a terrible sight
To sit tight amid winds that have died
Ten hours of lull
For Jeroen to mull
It really just doesn't seem right.
Excitement this leg's not been lacking,
With big splits and plenty of tacking.
So after many a league,
Please watch out for Rodrigues,
Lest you be into the nice reef whacking.
The Easterly route looks auspicious
While the fleet hit some weather pernicious.
Even with obfuscation,
Some triangulation
Ruled out a finish in Mauritius.
There was a sweet lass near Mauritius,
Who thought sailing was "Really Delicious!"
But just to the north,
There were pirates, of course,
And they were really malicious.
If it breaks, it's not strong enough--if it doesn't, it's too heavy.
The Holiday Voyage

‘Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the fleet
The halyards were quiet, no slack in the sheet.

Most of the SOLers are now north of Mauritius
Sending each other warm holiday wishes.
While others prepare for the annual run
From Sydney to Hobart, t’will be days worth of fun!

When across every ocean, an old sailor did fly.
The captains and crews all looked to the sky.
From past the horizon his vessel did reach
With nary a worry of pirate or beach.
And manning the helm was St. Nick himself
With a crew that consisted of reindeer and elf.

He spied the vast fleet as he made a low pass
And greetings he shouted to each lad and lass.
“May your seas remain calm and your winds all stay fair,
Be safe in your voyage and of others, take care.
The hearts of all sailors are open and warm.
You’re there for your crewmates, whatever the storm.”

Then he dropped off some presents to all under sail
(He thought that was quicker than sending by mail!)
With his duties completed, he flew out of sight
Wishing Peace to all SOLers and to all a Good Night!

Wishing you all Peace and Joy this holiday season!


Seventy-six trombones led the big parade
With a hundred and ten cornets close behind...

Aw, drat! I can't think of a next line.....but I'm not one of "them", myself......
If it breaks, it's not strong enough--if it doesn't, it's too heavy.

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