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Board » Sailonline Yacht Club » The "two boat rule".

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Dear Gods and Goddess.

My philosophy is that any question may be asked - as long as "No" is accepted as an answer.

While understanding the rules -
and desiring to follow the rules -
May I create a WhyNot2 - under the following conditions?:
She will be used only in practicing with WhyNot. Never in regular racing or in SOL practice racing. However, obviously - she must be entered into a race, where she will remain, at start, after the "Kaboom".

I have so many "What ifs" in my head that such practice would be of great value to me, in my never ending quest to better NED Arthur.

Remaining your obedient servant,


--- Last Edited by Tom Nordahl at 2011-04-14 15:20:12 ---
To Tom Nordahl: A point that needs to be considered when dealing with the rules for ANY sport or game, is that if one exception can be made, how many other exceptions can then NOT BE DENIED?
There soon will develop a need for a "Rules Committee" to both judge these requests for exceptions to the rules, but also to determine if the conditions that were agreed to by the Committee are actually being followed.
I think most of us here are familiar with the Racing Rules of Sailing, and all the Protests and Protest Committees that are involved.
I just wonder if the SOL community would wish to get itself involved in such a situation.
Your idea of an "experimental forum" has a lot of merit, however. I am one who would love to test out ideas about 'cc vs twa', the actual timing of updates in relation to 'Mark rounding', as well as the timing of 'starting' in practice races. I have been attempting to accumulate 'anecdotal' experience with these matters, but it is difficult to justify doing things which would potentially cause 'my own loss' in races.
If it breaks, it's not strong enough--if it doesn't, it's too heavy.
Tom, Rod:
As I recall, we have had similar discussion in chat about trying to figure some of the "what is faster" options. I am making the assumption this is the premise for the query... to run 2 boats in similar conditions to see what works best and why. Is this correct?

To avoid any of the potential conflict as described, could you just enlist the help of a like-minded SOLer and do the same thing? For example, before a race opens, pre-determine who to work with and set up a plan (probably by e-mail) to test TWA vs CC vs VMG vs VMC.... whatever.... to the first mark. Since it all is happening in practice, no rank places are lost and it is all in the SOL-spirit of getting better. Maybe get more than one boat and test different aspects all at once.

I thing it would be a fun and useful exercise. If I totally missed the mark, disregard all the above. If not, count me in!!

Perhaps the other purpose of the boat limit that is not being discussed is the load placed on the server and its database that accounts for all the boats in the system.

Which is why we seem to have buggy behavior in the game when there is a timed event underway.

No more players but lots of extra boats, even when most have finished and are no longer moving.
None so blind
Rod & Hubert. Your points are well taken.Thank you.

Shamrock: Your solution is excellent. Not only would we see the deired result of "two options", but we would have the advantage of discussing in real-time.

Shall we give it a try?

Just as IRL, the best boats here would have spent alot of time practising or otherwise accumulating SOL experience - I know a few world class dinghy sailors and how much effort they put in during the week (2 from my club just got a 3rd in the 505 world's held @ Hamilton Island ;)) - and indeed Rod, in club races I have often seen them drop places trying something out - not for awhile now granted, but my point is that they did at some point.

With so many races happenening here on SOL Tom, is it really so bad to throw away a few rankings in a few races knowing that (hopefully) it will mean knowledge which will take you further up the rankings in most all races you subsequently do?

And just as IRL 2 boat testing is the ideal,
I also suggest you find a SOL friend who you can share passwords with, and then actually login as both prerace and control both boats - as well as do things together at times.
I help develop the client interface for the best online ocean racing sim there is... __/)/)_/)__
With so many races happenening here on SOL Tom, is it really so bad to throw away a few rankings in a few races knowing that (hopefully) it will mean knowledge which will take you further up the rankings in most all races you subsequently do?
What you write, makes perfect sence, but the anwers I'm looking for - I have not yet been able to deduct during racing. Guys like yourself who always catch up and pass or always stay ahead and increase their lead - no matter what I do.
In a recent race, one caught up with me. My predictor told me that twa gave me more distance than cc. I went twa - the other guy something in between involving several minor course changes, passed me and after 6 hrs was almost 1/2 nm ahead. His speed not greater than mine (Brains proxy and NvMonPc). I'm sure I could have followed him and kept up, but so what? What would I learn?

I dont mind loosing positions if I learn something.

I want to create a controlled lab. environment where all parameters are known.

So I'll try to find a buddy like shamrock and others have suggested.

Tom, why you do not use simply the SOL boat?
login: sol
PW : sol

is there for experimenting!
just left a message in chat that you would like to use it for the day...
Unless it was changed recently, the chat is disabled for the sol account due to abuse.

Moot point, Gilles: technically speaking you and your compatriots have been breaking the rule as well by registering your own boats "for chat purposes" in races in which your team boat raced. That's more than 1 boat registered and nowhere does it say your (chat) boat actually needs to be moving.

So, let the dude have his 2nd boat to play around with. He wouldn't be the first and he certainly won't be the last. He just has the courtesy to ask politely.

If there still are objections, Tom can "boatsit" and "share" mine as much as he wants.

Tom, just visit my blog at http://tinyurl.com/2eu24vz (shameless plug), leave a comment at any post with your email addy (will never be posted!) and just do your thing.

Philip (rebel without a cause)
In my opinion, if Tom is not "racing" with more than one boats, he's not breaking any rule.
He's going to register 2 boats with nearly the same name, he was fair, he can't do any trick.

Leave him do what he want.

My 2 cent's :-)

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