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Board » Sailonline Race Committee » Race proposals » Elfstedentocht OR Elfstedenzeil on SOL

Calling all Dutch SOLers (and anyone else interested of course).

There is a traditional Dutch ice-skating race called the Elfstedentocht (Wiki has a good analysis here) and in chat the other day, there was a suggestion that SOL might consider sailing the course of this race, just as we sailed the Parkinson's Trek up Kilimanjaro a couple of weeks ago.

The Elfstedentocht is a rare occurrence, the last time it was run was in 1997, so I think a special SOL race would be great fun.

I have prepared a draft Google Earth kmz file (attached) so you can see the shape of the course.

We need suggestions for a boat - do we want one that will match the pace of the speediest skaters? or average speed? or a Dutch traditional boat? - and of course a location (offshore Netherlands probably?) and I will transpose the distances/marks onto SOL once we are all agreed!


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for those interested


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Great idea!!! Now we only hope that the cold weather will last long enough to get the ice thick enough (weird words from a sailor).

If you're still in control, you're not going fast enough.

maybe an idea to "mirror"the course as Stavoren - Hindelopen is on the ijsselmeer.
Mirror axis 000-180.
( haven't tried it though )

Noticed in KMZ , part to Dokkum and back is missing although Dokkum is on the map.
Might need additional waypoint there called Bartlehiem as this is passed twice to and from Dokkum.

Think it will be hard to find a sailboat that can match the skaters in low wind condition.:)

BTW if its really run be assured I will not be sailing in it.:0

Should you require any help you know how to reach me .

Tempest - path in kmz file now corrected!! Thanks.

So if you won't be sailing it does that mean you will be skating it??!! :-D

Any suggestions for a suitable boat to match the pace of average skaters??
Nope a bit to much action for my taste.
But I"ll be watching for sure.

Vessel needs to be able to do 25 km/h = 13.5 knots average to match the skaters.
Don't know which vessel from the fleet is capabel to deliver that?
What about an "ice yacht"?? small but fast?

OR a blowkart www.blowkart.com

Then we could do the actual course the skaters do, perhaps just needing canals slightly wider.

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If it breaks, it's not strong enough!
Hope Dutch SOLers are keeping an eye on the ice conditions for 2013!!!
I wonder if this will be the year??!!

Dug out this info about ice yachts from another thread (this one):

Ice Yacht Perf Info

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