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  • brainaid NMEA proxy on different ports
    Board » General Discussion
    Hi ya all,
    I’d like to have two NMEA connections (over TCP/IP) for two races, but brainaids nice toolbox delivers always the same port 5020 for different races. Changing the port manually (e.g. 5022) doesn’t work. Is there a trick or workaraound?
    I’m sailing on a mac mini, macos 10.15, btw.

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  • Re: qtVlm thread
    Board » Technical Support
    DANG! That works! The "trick" with different ports in the NMEA Proxy was the thing I needed. THX a lot!
  • Re: qtVlm thread
    Board » Technical Support
    For the NMEA feed, change the port number in each of you brainaid instances. I use 5011 for qt1, 5012, for qt2 and so on.

    @Kipper: This seems to be THE hint. Will try that soon – thanks a lot!
    And fair winds for all time!
  • Routing two races simultaneously?
    Board » Technical Support
    Hello all,
    this may be a bit special: I'm actually participating the race to Rio, using qtvlm as routing software, with brainaids fine nmea-tool (on a mac mini, with catalina running). So far so good. What if I want to attend next the next race (Dondra to Sanya) with the race to Rio still running? May I use a second installation of qtvlm (simple copy)? An what about nmea? There seems no way to assign an different IP…
  • Re: Calling all Routing SOLers - Careka would like help
    Board » General Discussion
    Sorry, should have read Rainbow's post carefully Everything's told there.

    Greets Jim Knopf

    --- Zuletzt bearbeitet von JimKnopf am 2017-04-06 12:32:44 ---
  • Re: Calling all Routing SOLers - Careka would like help
    Board » General Discussion
    Just for the records: Found this vessel on marinetraffic.com:

    IMO: -
    MMSI: 257704370
    Call Sign: LJ4271
    Flag: Norway NO
    AIS Type: Sailing Vessel


    Is this our SOLers yacht?
    Greets Jim Knopf
  • Re: qtVLM v5.4 Logbook Display
    Board » Technical Discussion
    Got it working now. Depends on what columns you have on (or off). For me it works with Icon(sail/engine), TWD, TWA, STW, CTW, SOG, AWS, AWA CS, CD columns on, rest off.
  • Re: When is my command executed?
    Board » Technical Discussion
    One advantage I take of your very informative explanation is: Don’t tack (gybe) too short for rounding a waypoint/buoy. To set a tack command in advance may have the effect to round too early. Seems to be better to wait for the visible pass by of the waypoint – then tack or gybe or set new course.
    (Apologies for bad english).
  • Re: qtVLM v5.4 Logbook Display
    Board » Technical Discussion
    Yup. Here they are.
  • qtVLM v5.4 Logbook Display
    Board » Technical Discussion

    qtVlm's Route logbook doesn’t show the complete "date and time" (left column)– at least on a mac – , which is annoying when you try to put some DC into brainaids dc toolbox or the SOL DC setter. >screenshot

    Also kroppyers qtVlm DC Converter doesn't seem to work properly: He gives me constantly a date/tim line like this: 1970/01/01 01:00:00

    Does anybody has some helping advice!

    greetz JimKnopf


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