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  • Re: Golden Globe Races 2018 - Seat Of The Pants commitment
    Board » Sailonline Yacht Club
    I pledge to sail the prolog by the SOTP. It was much more fun anyway, when this was the norm.

    --- Last Edited by dunbur at 2018-06-10 03:11:31 ---
  • Re: Aaron James Gage - 1971-2012
    Board » In memoriam
    RIP Aaron.

    This poem, which is written into the Memorial at Cape Horn, which you rounded at least virtually many times, is for you and your family.

    I, the albatross that awaits for you at the end of the world...

    I, the forgotten soul of the sailors lost that crossed Cape Horn from all the seas of the world.

    But die they did not
    in the fierce waves,
    for today towards eternity
    in my wings they soar
    in the last crevice
    of the Antarctic winds

    Sara Vial
    Dec - 1992

  • Re: Game Feature Suggestions
    Board » General Discussion
    The divider/measure tool works a bit funky as it lays down a route but when clicking on the tool again the route disappears. This is not conducive to planning ones strategy easily. It would be better if the route you just placed down would stay there until you double clicked the tool or single clicked to add to the existing route set down or being able to set a second route to compare with the first.

    I support this feature request very much.

    --- Last Edited by dunbur at 2009-05-02 05:12:34 ---
  • Re: wrong VMG
    Board » Technical Support
    If the courses are all "COMPASS" courses, then the predictor is very accurate and the margin of error is indeed small.

    I doubt that. Of course, you know your boat will be somewhere on that line, but the speed of the boat within the next 6 hours is uncertain and therefore the location on that line. Using TWA the speed might be more predictable since then it only depends on the wind speed and not the direction, but of course you are not necessarily on that line but the difference on average is similar to when sailing via CC.
  • Re: wrong VMG
    Board » Technical Support
    Before developing any VMC, I would prefer development of the predicted course indicator to include any DELAYED COMMANDS.
    Oh yes, I second that. I also would wish for the course predictor to extend to e.g. 12 hrs rather than six. But I would give the inclusion of delayed commands higher priority. Then an extension of the course predictor and last but not least I would rather have VMC than VMG.
  • vmc
    Board » Technical Support
    That's for sure. Looking at the weather is essential. And that's why SOL would not be mechanical with VMC as a previous poster claimed. But showing the VMC would help to judge losses and gains on detours due to weather.

    --- Last Edited by dunbur at 2009-04-21 16:24:48 ---
  • VMG to waypoint
    Board » Technical Support
    I don't quite agree. Of course one need a bearing. The bearing is quite easy to get. To the next way point. The argument with the finish line is rather weak. If you are far away, the exact point on the line does not matter. Just default to the midpoint as it is on the red line which connects all the way points. Then the VMG get useful. Currently, I fing the VMG not useful at all. When is the course really upwind? And then the VMG upwind is easily estimated. Just add horizontal lines to the polar and you have it.
  • Re: wrong VMG
    Board » Technical Support
    Thanks for the quick answer. And sorry that I missed the answer earlier.

    May I turn that into a feature request, then. I see that VMG to way points is of limited usability, if you have to navigate around weather systems, but it would still be nice to have and very useful in shorter in-shore races.
  • wrong VMG
    Board » Technical Support
    I think that has been mentioned before: the VMG is still showing wrong. At least for me (firefox 3.0.8 on linux). I think it is wrong since I rounded the mark at Fernando de Noronha. Before that I had the impression it was show the VMG directly to Boston (also not quite appropriate), but now the VMG is calculated as if the next mark would be directly upwind rather than towards Boston. See the attached screen shot. I am sailing with a TWA of 90° and the VMG is 0.00knts though I am pointing roughly to Boston (and the boat speed is not 0knts).


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Point Yacht Club welcomes Sailonline to the 2022 running of the classic Vasco da Gama Ocean Race. This race is the oldest established international sailing event in South Africa and traditionally starts in the bay of Maputo, the old Portuguese colonial capital of Mozambique and finishes in Durban. Last year, and now again this year, the race was/will be from Durban to East London - circa 250nm in native Cape 31 speed machines.
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