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Leaderboard for Lisboa TIMED Race 2016

Lisboa TIMED Race 2016, racing with 296 boats.

Rankings: SYC ranking - 2016 TRQ4 - 2016 TRCH - 2016 SUPSOL

1-50 51-100 101-150 151-200

Rank Boat Name Boat Type LOG On Course Start Time (UTC) Finish Time (UTC)
151 adlib1 AC72v2 0 DNS
152 Controvento AC72v2 0 DNS
153 viannais AC72v2 0 DNS
154 Sailonline Yacht Club Member NNYC_Ironman AC72v2 0 DNS
155 Sailonline Yacht Club Member SirDuffy AC72v2 0 DNS
156 Sailonline Yacht Club Member Mega30 AC72v2 0 DNS
157 Guest AC72v2 0 DNS
158 teamvaldisere AC72v2 0 DNS
159 bloat AC72v2 0 DNS
160 glynnwi AC72v2 0 DNS
161 Sailonline Yacht Club Member AcmeRacing AC72v2 0 DNS
163 Paradise AC72v2 0 DNS
164 Sailonline Yacht Club Member hew565 AC72v2 0 DNS
165 dutchboy AC72v2 0 DNS
166 vitorlas AC72v2 0 DNS
167 Sailonline Yacht Club Member RavenInSL AC72v2 0 DNF 2016-10-24 00:19:37

1-50 51-100 101-150 151-200


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INFOby brainaid.de
WX Updates:
0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
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RACE CLOSE: Tuesday,
January 31 at 2300 UTC.
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SYC Ranking

  1. Sailonline Yacht Club Member WRmirekd
  2. Sailonline Yacht Club Member Pit8008
  3. Sailonline Yacht Club Member FreyjaUSA
  4. Sailonline Yacht Club Member Vida_Maldita
  5. Sailonline Yacht Club Member bonknhoot
  6. Sailonline Yacht Club Member Sax747
  7. Sailonline Yacht Club Member Kipper1258
  8. Sailonline Yacht Club Member SlideRule
  9. Sailonline Yacht Club Member rafa
  10. Sailonline Yacht Club Member TarassBoulba

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